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Baljira The Hedgehog
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I actually kinda meant, "If this Garchomp can only have 4 moves, why is Dragon Rage one of them?" Although I actually had forgotten that Garchomp is bred with it, my bad.
Wow, you weren't kidding about this one being beautiful. Oh, and why the hell does that Garchomp have Dragon Rage? That's so, so fail.
Or they'll think he's a wizard who stores his pokemon in his shiny red balls.
I hope they get points for trying.
You know...because the war's inevitable and they're trying to stop it.
Those hot African women.
@Panel 4
Heabutt? I didn't know they made a move called Heabutt. Sounds pretty cool though.
2nd comic this guy's been in and he's already more likable than he is in the games. Good work, Geoff.
Oh course she can catch it. It's just a flesh wound.
People just like to fuck with you Geoff.
"By the nipples of Yuji Naka!" Best thing I've heard all week! :D
You're NOT gonna pick on Knuckles?! It's the Apocalypse!
Darn animals, always streaking around like they own the place!