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July 26th, 2011
I want to know what his face looks like! :o Keep up the amazing work! :)
Nooooo. I want Cora to like Eric. :c Oh well!
I would've liked to see them have smexy sex one more time D:
Heh heh. "Idiot Brigade" :P
Dear Author, Your so cruel. Making me all sad. BWAHHHHHH!!! MEANIE!! :(
I think he means "harder" in both ways if yah know what i mean :P *wink wink*
Same here Crazygirl123! Bahahaha. but they dont have to know!! Hohohee. ^3^
Ahh Adam Adam Adam! You are acting waaaay too much like a girl right now! Haha!
DIE DIE DIEEE! GRRR. lol i dont like Lydia at all. I LOVED the whole Jude thing!!! Keep up the good work dude!
OW OW OWWW! Go Jude Go Jude Go Jude! xD
I have a feeling Jude is the type of person to just say it like it is :P
Ooh nice catch Black Ice! Also, I love the 2nd panel(? i get mixed up with columns and panels) So sexy :D
Hey um i have a question. Why does your comic sometimes tilt? Why isn't it straight? I'm just wondering. I love your comic! :D
Dawww. :3
Oh gosh >.<
Go Girl Alex Go Girl Alex You Can Do It You Can Do It. G-O G-I-R-L -A-L-E-X what does that spell?! :D:D:D
Also, there are sparkles..Edward Cullen must be around...ewww. >.<
Aww ): I still think its sad that girl Alex got treated unfairly, she w=must be hurting alot since they are up there doing uhh *cough* sappy movie scene *cough* 8D
*claps* Bravooo Lucid, BRavoo!