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Yes, I go by Yuja. Yes, I use that name for fanfics. Yes, I made it up in 9th grade. Yes, I lack originality.

Yet, by some delusion, I want to maybe try a webcomic.

...I'm apparently insane as well.
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I love how messed up Atty's damp hair is through all this.

Okay, so she's not a turtle masquerading as a police force... Does that make her just a normal turtle? And just what jumper does she think she's calling "boring"?!

Is it too late for Atty to say his sick granny bought him the shirt at a thrift shop and it was her dying wish that he wear it while he traveled? It is? Darn. Atty needs to learn the special attack of Sob Story.
Oh my, this is getting awfully close to R territory.

For "Rocket," of course. What did you think I meant?

I am cackling way too much over this...
Silly George. Isn't it clear Artemis just really wants a cigarette? And to give Atty a new lighter, 'cause, you know, apology for killing the last one and all that.

Orrrr... Kahn's "stolen" Oddish is about to make life complicated? Sorry Atty, your life of crime is making you miss Top Gear again.
XD Someone needs his morning coffee. I love how Ben seems convinced that the fish is conspiring against him.

I'm not a sushi fan either, but I did have a goldfish at my dorm named Sushi.

...Which I may have accidentally starved. >.>
ESP is not short for Espresso
It's the same at the Starbucks kiosk I work at, in a grocery store. When someone buys whole coffee beans, I have to ask if they need it ground for anything. Most of the time, if they say yes, the customer knows what grind I have to put the beans through so they won't end up with sludge. The rest of the time, they say, "It's a Starbucks machine." Riiiiiight, because every machine you buy from the website MUST use one specific Starbucks filter. When I try explaining that there are different kinds of filters that use different kinds of grinds, I just get the deer in headlights look, and "You can't just grind it?"

Just found this comic yesterday, and loving its true-ness already. =)
That's one disturbing moon, but that last panel... XD Is it all in Layla's head, or is her brother just that unconcerned/oblivious? o.O
So that's where my computer went!
Poor Steven. D= I feel your pain, buddy!