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A person who lol's another person who lol's another person.
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Filler. Yes, FILLER.
Anyone else feel some Dai no Daibouken?
Teh Dargunlordh.
And so, now they're going all Dragon Quest on each other.

Used Techniques/Attacks/Spells
Out of great fury, Char takes his next attack with a super-powerful attack spell, Raidein! However, Shine quickly casts Mahokanta, which materializes a round wall of powerfully shining light that reflects any and all magic that hits it back at the caster. Is it over, or will it only serve to infuriate and/or annoy Char further..? Only the next page will tell!
Quote of the Update: "He's Kw. Does he need a reason?"
So, how many of you are thinking "FINALLY!!"? Well, I sure-as-heck am!
So, Char not only randomly appears, but then proceeds to take the first attack, striking with an unbelieveable speed and the new technique "Begiragon Slash"! However, Shine is able to move his arm a bit and muster the magical might to cast Orichalconize, which will be the first spell introduced to this comic (though technically, Madante was the first one). It allows the caster to turn a target into a lump of orichalcum for a bit. Even if Char's sword is made of the legendary metal itself, it seems that Green is still entirely unaffected; truly the ultimate defense spell!
Quote of the Update: Only two things are infinite. Nothingness and human stupidity; and I'm not so sure about the former.
Went for a different style from my usual colored digital art. I'll admit, I'm impressed; I can do it faster and it looks sharper. I think I'll take a liking to it... After all, I'ma be using it for the whole comic~!

As you can see, I'm using hatching to shade (repeated linear lines to create a shading effect).

(Not to mention inking is easy when you've got a hand that naturally draws pencil deep, though that also makes a hand that's natural at giving erasers a thorough beating~)
...Okay, maybe the epic combo comes after this? o~o
A New Challenger Again. "Hail the Smash Brothers", aye?
Yes, "random Charmander" (as quoted by WOOWOWOW) has appeared in the most Meta Knight (or Mid-boss)-like fashion possible, with some kind of electric spike in his hand to boot. If there's any confusion, read strictly from left to right going downwards. And yes, Kori just warped away. She can do a lot of other things too in a flash, because she can transform into an Eeveelution very fast and back. Eevees DO have the ability to change back, but it only happens when they enter the city, as Eevee actually changes form depending on where it is. In the games, though, this is illogical (despite the Pokedex even stating it in one game).
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -
Hello, demon Eev- I mean...
Aight, every time a new character or group of characters are introduced, they get their own little comic like this.
Hi, Kori. Welcome to PMDAdventures!; although it's kinda imperative that she's here because she's part of Team Frostfource anyway.

Quote of the Update: "Giygas's attack was inexplicable!"
Aaand, for the obvious Team Fortress 2 reference
Well, for now, Flame Burst takes the form of an exploding fire laser. And yeah, Green can do that with his back flame (but not his front). Tried the motion blurring, and it seemed to work out pretty good.
Quote of the Update: "Hey, want some more of this? BONK!"
Pro grammar right 'der.
Whoa. All moves set to priority 3. Well-played. And now, the Jolteon is going to get screwed in a flurry of Extremespeed attacks that end with a DBZ-esque slam.
I'm on a freaking roll with the updates.~

Also, I now have criticism guidelines:
1. Constructive criticism only.
2. Overcritical criticism of any kind is to be ignored.
3. Criticism of any kind that will make you look like a retard is to be ignored.
4. Criticism of any kind under the circumstances that you don't know what you are talking about is to be ignored.
5. Criticism against my art style is to be ignored.
6. Strong criticism that is generally disputed over as overcritical will be defined as overcritical.
7. Criticism including trolling within any section is to be ignored.
8. Do not criticize because you're better, as this is against guidelines 3 and generally 7.
Yep, Shine's DEFINITELY possessed. Right...
Anyway, Green has now shown his practice in turning his flames into wide and curving practical lightsabres. However, it seems that Shine's Energy Ball defeats this purpose fast. Does Green even have a chance?!
Quote of the Update: "I don't believe you, Shine!"
Yes, these buffoons actually DID think this would be easy-- well, at least this part. Despite how much they thought it would be hard, they had more of a belief it would be easy. Why? That's something I'm going to hang you on and make you figure out.

Green can tell instantly that it isn't Shine? Hmm... Well, yeah, Green actually has more intelligence than normall shown for one. Two, that actually kinda sounds creepy.
I really DO play too much Okami. You should be able to tell why quickly when you look at this page.
Quote of the update: "Oh, nothing.~"
P.S. Yes, it only takes "Shine" two words to blow his/her cover.

Okay, I'll tone down on the stupidity a bit.
Y'see, this is what happens when you distract me: I stay on one thing for, like, a month or two. Not good, eh?*
Quote of the Update: "War sounds funnnnn!"

*The comic made a sudden pause for two months after Page 2 was made.
The cake is fake, and so is my strength to do this one.
Me and my insipid laziness caused Shine flying to look weird, and the comic being pretty short in general. Although I like the red line effect in the second panel.
Yeah, each time a new dungeon reveals itself, I'ma put its info like that.
Quote of the Update: "Yes, Shifu!"*

*10 points to whoever can guess where that came from.
P.S. That's not a pyramid, but a mountain named after its flat four sides and incredible difficulty as a dungeon. What's that? It doesn't have four flat sides? FOOLISHNESS! You are stupid to not realize there is awesome aura coming off it!
Blah, blah blah, blahblaaaaabbity blaah~
The first page of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Adventures. Just so you know, Victory's existence isn't apparent at this moment. If you follow me on dA, you know who Victory is.
Also, just a note: Madante is the Japanese (and old English translation) for the Dragon Quest spell Magic Burst, which costs a user of all their MP and does about 1.5 times damage as how much MP was used. In Dragon Quest IX, it is a rising dome of pulsing purple energy, then ending with a rising all-sided wave of the same purple energy and giant rocks rising everywhere from the great force. In Dragon Quest VI, it is a brilliant dome of beautiful yet fatal yellow and blue, ending with a large white whirlwind that destroys the enviornment quite a bit due to its force. In this comic, it'll be a combination of both, with the yellow-blue dome and the all-sided wave of purple.
Quote of the Update: "WE CAN'T."
July 2nd, 2011
To be honest, I personally think of you as a world-class retard now, Shadow Lugia.

"Guest: Posting anonymously kind of defeats your right to have a say in the matter as you're obviously too big of a puss to comment under you true profile, lol. Anyway, it's not your comic, yada yada yada, typical Shard fan boys/girls, all up on her comic viciously accosting anyone with a dissenting opinion. Just chill-out. Giving people constructive criticism is the only way they can get better."

Yep, douchebag comment.
Second post: You lose the game by not punching lies. Why? Because your logic meter depletes to zero because you must present the correct evidence that you have absolutely no clues to.
Missing badge.
This... this is not madness...
This... is... SPARDA!!

Naw, it's just madness.
April 26th, 2011
So that they may join in with the idiocy themselves.
That right there... just trolled alot of people in an epic win way. :3
That's all I have to say. :3