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Holy crap.

(And now I have start again finding slurs for Arsehole McShitnose..a dictionary, anyone?)

Yeah, so I'm kind of back. Very sorry for leaving( and that in the middle of conversation-my apologies, Rori and Gibson). Life got pretty chaotic during the last year, what with moving and having a computer so badly infected that he was nearly unusable for the longest time. Not to mention my mail account got hacked and used for spam delivery, during a time when I was looking for a job and sending online applications, no less.

I still managed to follow Pictures, though, and it is still awesome. Just wasn't able to contribute :-(
Sorry for the confusion, jd. I saw the blurry profile on the "Hippie Poetry Slam" leaflet at the diner's door and figured it would the hippy from Gibson's Cheap Shots

Mulligan later revealed his name to be Neal in one of the snapshots
We too.
Oh, and look, Neal made it into a mascot. Tsktsk. Sellout...

I'm curious now to whom she talks. Kara would be logical in this situation, but somehow I don't feel that's the case. Michelle?

Well, we see.
Wish you all a good week.
Well, that chapter was definetively a rollercoaster.

Nothing I could add that the others haven't already said in better words than I could, so I'm just going to agree with you. You certainly have created something special, and it is a great enjoyment to join the ride.

And yes, PoY was the sole reason for me to finally register at smackjeeves.

Have a great weekend, everyone.
Sneaky Bastard!
Thought you could slip this update past us, hiding behind another one, huh?

The comic so far is amazing, but it's going to be anything else than a fun ride...

And I really have to congratulate Ben Steeves. I knew how Mr Twist is able to create fascinating characters, but the artwork is perfect for this. There's so much damage visible in their faces, it's almost painful to watch.