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We'll be returning in a bit. Please check the news post for more information.

Hope you all have been well!
Thank you very much! =) Hopefully a new page will be out soon. I know there's been work on it, and it should hopefully be out within a week or two...and then we'll be very close to winter break. Then, we might get back to a regular update schedule.
Haha yeah. Did you dress up for the holiday?
Finally a new page. Slow going, yet the story continues. =) Enjoy enjoy!
Happy (Slightly) belated Halloween! I feel the need to apologize for our continual lack of updates, but I'm sure most of you readers understand how real life can be intrusive. There IS a new page later today/tomorrow (I have it in my inbox), and there is work being done on the next one as well. So, I'm sorry again to anyone that wants to at least get through Chapter 3....which in my opinion is all part of a prologue to rest of the story where more people come in.

Such as two characters shown in the picture above. (We were REALLY hoping to be past this by Halloween) Anyways, the tin man is Gareth, who will be introduced veeerrry soon. The cowardly lion is Garland(Gar) who will be introduced at the beginning to Chapter 4. Obviously Dorothy is Reishi and Faust is the Scarecrow. Well, I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween!
Thank you kindly! School is just so hectic for our artist. I wish I had enough art skills to pick up the slack, but I don't. >>; -sad-
Wow, it's been awhile. So school is kickin Lacey's ass again. She's been working on this for awhile as well as new pages. A real update should happen soon, in the mean time. Thank you all for 100 fans! =D We appreciate it all and hope you continue to read! Boo we lost a fan. >>;'s to almost 100 fans. I'm sure we have some on her deviantart account anyways.
For some reason seeing people having differing opinions on the situation makes me really happy. Haha, but I am staying far away from it. New page should be up soon, as well.
Yeah, Reishi isn't exactly the best person to go to when someone is suffering from insanity, it seems.
Ooh. What have we here? Two pages in a week!? A miracle of nature is occurring. Anyways, enjoy today's page and feel the emotion of these poor tenish year olds!
Whoo! Another page! =D I'm so happy we're almost out of flashback city. Next chapter is the introduction of a major character in the story.
=) Well, he SEEMS to be fine in the present, but who knows when these scars might come up again
-Gasp- An update?! No, it must be a mirage. A trick of the light if you will. Hope you enjoy this slight glimpse of hope for regular updates. =)
Good eye. There does appear to be sooomething stick out of there, but I cannot say any more at this time. =)
And another of our sparse updates. Hope everyone has been having a great summer, it's been a crazy one for us so far.
Sorry it took so long to reply back to you. Life has been rather unfortunate for both me and the artist. But....All will be revealed...someday. But hey, you know he can't die cause he's in the present. Right? RIGHT?!
Clearly our comic is slowly turning into Degrassi, the next generation. Shame, cause I was hoping it would be more like Glee.
Aaaaaannnddddd.......We're back! XD
Wow! Three updates in a week! =) Things are starting to pick up again! Here's hoping to more constant updates in the summer!
Apologies! It should be fixed now!