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I hope to one day aspire to being a full time artist. I enjoy drawing, writing, creating characters, and reading. I also am a decent seamstress, I hope that I can use that talent to help fund my adventures in schooling and drawing.

Comics I love are:
Girls With Slingshots
Menage a 3
Yu+me dream
Hanna is NOT a Boys Name
The Less Than EPIC Adventures of TJ and Amal
Hark! A Vagrant

VideoGames I love:
POKEMON! mostly the second generation and it's remakes.
Phoenix Wright
Legend of Zelda
Rythem games (Rythem heaven, Elite beat agents, guitar hero)
Mario games

As for music I like, I like alittle bit of everything, but alernitive is just amazing, I realy love Tegan and Sara, Lemon Demon, White Stripes, things like that.
I was so happy to see that this updated! Can't wait for more
So yeah, let me know if you guys have an sugestions/complaints/anything

because I'm begining to doubt anyone who actualy favorited this reads it XD; oh well

oh and on another note, I will keep checking and updating this thing about progress
ten pages :3
I like this page, it came out nice
d'aw <3
last panel made me go D'AAAAWWWWW

love the details on the first few panels :D
looks interesting so far, can't wait to see where you go with it! <3
Currently its 6/29/10 when I am writing this, The reason I am trying to get ahead is because I will be going to NYC and NJ for 19 days starting the 18th of July, and I am not sure if I will have internet the first 10 days.

the story gets better from here on out I promise XD
So I know the comic has totaly SUCKED up untill this point. But I am not good at mindless banter that doesn't have to do with plot...
BUT NOW Oh booooy~ Now I have entered the territory were I get to play the characters as themselves, I get to bring some meaningfull words into this bitch now >D
Dead Dogs
If it was old yeller of where the red fern grows you can't blaim him! Those are sad books D:

oh snap, Jimmy you suuuuuch a bad boooy~
Filler art!~
Hey guys, whipped this up on sai (which I don't remember if I mentioned this or not, but my mom bought me the full program for getting A-B honor roll all year :D yeah, 50 bucks is like 3 dollars an A and 1.50 per B for the entire year, but whatever I love it)

Antonio~ with his hair down :o and a turtle neck, because he is HAWT like that, also, I am writing this at like 3 am a day before this will be posted, so I am all MORNING LOOPY
Okay, currently the comic updates on wensdays and saturdays, BUT now that I have my work scedual that doesn't work very well. So I'm shifting updates to Sunday and Thursday. To make up for the switch look for a bonus image on sunday~ and the next new page should be up thursday,

also note on the art: I personaly like it better sketchy especialy compared to the first 2 pages. I would do nice polishes art with color every page but that might kill me
Origionaly I clicked the comic banner and though "Oh, a BL manga style webcomic with a bunny kid and a dog guy, yeah this will be steriotypical" But then I read what you have so far, THIS IS ADORIBLE XD; I love it.
I would have had this up HOURS ago but my /lovely/ mother decided that she would turn off my internet at 11:30, when I was about halfway through with the backround. So yeah. BUT I did manage to get it up today :D
sorry about the lateness, but I do feel much much better now :3
I felt like crap D: so I took a nap and lounged around instead of lining the next page, but I should have the page up on thursday...
Good Luck!
As soon as I get my paycheck I'll see what I can do!

side note: That's for writing brail, right?
HUR, I love Antonio, for all the characters in this comic his character has probably changed the least, XD;
emotionaly scarred, kinda angry, homo, awesome guy :D
you'll find out more of his character and who he's yelling at on the next page

PAGE NOTES: I'm the bartender :D HUR, and do you spy a certian chesire cat costumed guy on the other side of the bar?~
This seems realy interesting so far. I can't wait to learn more about the monsters and such. Not going to lie, I was baited in by the promise of gore, and when I saw your style I instantly thought it would be great for gore. Keep it up, it looks great so far.