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Hi I'm Sarah. I like cartoons, games, food, and music. I'm not really all that interesting on a personal level.
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    Sarah A.
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November 27th, 2012
I live in Illinois! It's not that dull! D:
Well sometimes it is, but hey it can't be fun every single day. Plus the area I live in has a lot of hills. I would know since I broke my wrist going down a big one on my bike... which also broke. lol
DAW!!! 83
I was like "who's the chick?" when I saw the thumbnail, then I was like "Oh!" lol Love this comic!
LOL!!! Can't wait for more!
Can't wait to find out why Zach is wearing that. :D
I-Is she saying "hi" backwards? 0-o
I'm still not sure it's the same Marcos. lol jk
Marcos, I'm pretty sure it's not another Marcos. =_=;;;
Love the comic so far! :D
OMG THE DRAMA!!! Can't wait for the rest!
Priceless mom reaction. "Wha?" lol I couldn't stop laughing!
This page made me lawl! Small people are loud! XD