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The truth is, I'm just an inexperienced writer who happened to have a story. So I turned it into a manga w/ the help of cyryx, my best bud.

I love to eat, laugh, surf the net, read mangas or love stories, and sleep.
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sorry, people. my computer crashed and has been reformatted. all files i've saved are gone now, and it'll take some time b4 i can post an actual page again. sorry once more.
September 14th, 2007
she's so mean. X_x
wow, you're really drawing...animals.. X_x
September 14th, 2007
sorry about the wait. it's been a hell this past few days. always raining...and a lot of activities at school. but hey, it's okay, at least we won 2nd place in the aerodance contest. wanna see?

X_x .. i think i just overdid the word 'love'. it doesn't end on this page. (-_-a)
September 13th, 2007
yeah! you go, nain! X_x
UH, well. the orange-haired guy is a new character. if you've read the story version over at fictionpress, you'd know. but if not, well just wait and see. not a love interest though, sorry X_x
*she*** is **k-k-kentoshi!!***

uwaaah (sorry, couldn't help myself)) X_x
u'l just have to wait and see what happens. upate tomorrow.

@blessedbe - thanx gid pau ha! X_x
i'm expecting the other cg by the end of the week kay la man ta klase tutal so bad... X_x
Yep, sorry for the wait! Exams are finally over and University week (more like U-days) are approaching so there isn't much class. Which means we might be able to update some more new pages.

Oh, credits to the coloring of the cover page above is thanks to my classmate and friend PAULINE! Thanks a lot, dude! X_x
I'd tell u to go check out her deviantart account, but i kinda forgot her deviant id, ahehehe.

SO yeah. ANother page up on sunday.
woooh suspense.
September 2nd, 2007
yeah, exams finished. i really sucked my tests, but oh well what the hell. chapter 1 end. now comes the fun part -- chapter 2. cyryx had a fine time drawing boobies. X_x

sorry for the wait.
August 30th, 2007
hahahaha. i can't stop giggling! i hope she kisses him to keep his big mouth shut. X_x
August 30th, 2007
yeah, me agree. i like this page. update soon please!
hehe. ok lang na pau ya. love ta man ka japon. lantawa nalang bala ho! law-ay law-ay sa akon mag cg, ahohohoh. amu na nga kilanlan ko gid tani imo bulig...hehehehe. thanx gid ha!~ good luck man sa imo exams bord...
filler X_x
Well, yep, too bad. But it's midterm exams already and I'm having a hard time especially with Math. Cyryx's taking advanced trigonometry and I'm taking basic advanced algebra, but why do I suffer more?? It's not fair...

So anyway, here's some random filler. Gomen, minna... Cyryx sketched this at the back of her Filipino Manual and I scanned it (X_x) and colored it with an airbrush under 20 minutes... Coloring with a mouse really kills the wrist...

So, anyway. Wish us luck. Hope I pass! (I got a 1.6 in Math during the prelims, I hope I back it up with another 1.something!)

Triple WAAAAH. *rave*rave*rave*
whoooo,, sparkly eyes *_*
*dies laughing*
they'll be doing much more than kissing tomorrow.. i hope X_x
ehe. where'd you get those pictures for the backgrounds anyway? they look real. X_x

oh,btw, it's hard to tell if ur updating since the dates are all the same hehe X_x
hehehe. she hasn't even brushed her teeth yet! eep.
Oh, wow. I love the story. I'm gonna fave this and watch out for it. Update soon! =)

EDIT: by the way, I love your site layout. I did the lay-out for my own comic too, but its not as nice as this. hehe. X_x
August 23rd, 2007
...don't ask. I'm quite giddy today. I just turned 16 yesterday!! Oh noes! X_x i hate being old.

Edit:: after panda's comment, I reply. -- It is for me. X_x
I've been cherishing the fact before that I was 15 but I was already in 1st yr college. But now that I'm 16, it doesn't really make such a difference anymore. Anyway, thanks for the greeting.

YOU KNOW WHAT?! Yesterday was my best bday evaaahhhh! I had sore eyes so I couldn't come to school. WEE! Yep, 1 day of vacation. Ahh.. So here's the update! read & comment 0_0