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Sorry for the missing last weeks page, disliked how this page originally looked and redid it. Hope you like the more loose panel arrangement, felt the old six panel layout was a bit to controlling on the passe of the comic. This page also marks the last page of chapter one, starting, hopefully, next week D&H will begin chapter two. On another note the 22 second marks my last day of summer break and my moving back to college so uploading may be delayed until i have my new setup worked out. Thanks for reading so far -Raz
@TimeSceo: Thank you very much XD
Right, first off I am still trying to find better eggman sprites so do not be surprised if he suddenly changes, second welcome the newest member of sonic's group Metal Sonic taking on the role of the team's Thief/Assassin. Needless to say unlike Sonic's character Metal's is min-maxed to hell.
Eggman makes his presence known, what will become of sonic and friends and their D&D session? Only time will tell.
Amy has gained her first "companion" in her quest to slay the bard sonic. Where will this new found "partnership" lead Amy and Giza? Only time will tell.
10 months, 10 months after i tell you guys I am going to try to update more. Well here is a new page. Hopefully I got back into the comic making swing this time around.
Sorry for all those who had their comments deleted, I misplaced the page and did not realize till just now. My bad.

3 months and still no update from me, I am really sorry but collage has been kicking my ass this semester and next semester looks eve worse (17 units good god why) any way I will try to be better about updating my comic.
Like the bean burrito you had for lunch I HAVE RETURNED!
Oh yeah, That thing that I make for the internets for the amusment of other people... I should probably update that...
With midterms around the corner I find myself without the necessary time to update. I apologies for the delay. Expect the next comic sometime in April.
@Aluminik: Only neutralevil? Guess I have to try harder :3
okay, so no new comic tommorow (2/27/13) I lost track of time and forgot that I was out of pre-uploaded comics. I will attempt to have a new page up on either thursday orfriday, sorry for the delay.
After a ridiculously long hiatus, I have returned. I will try to update twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays with the exception being this week. Thanks for reading.
Sorry for not updating, I have no excuse other than being on winter break and hanging out with friends. I am not sure when I will start updating again. Consider this a brief hiatus with possible a few updates sprinkled in. Thanks for reading
@NMA: Hmm... an interesting idea, I might have to steal that.
@FormOf_SomeGuy: Sorry for me nerding out here but the games came way before the show.
What a twist.
He killed Eggman! O.o