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Damn! Your hairstyle looks so epic!
Reminds of the old deleted comics you once had. 8)
Maybe. I mean he was smart enough to set a trap for Sonic on "Sonic 3".
Stupid Hackers. >:(
I wonder what does Tails think of Sonic.
Isn't it supposed to be Phew, instead of Few.
Wow, that is one powerful blast.
This comic reminds me of Sonic the hedgehog CD. I don't have it yet, but I will buy it soon.
6 pannels, do you always add more when your going to add something socking and cool.
Now this comic is getting better.
Welcome back Josephk!
Good luck. I hope that you'll place first in the tournament.
HEY! I can't see the characters. Maybe it's because of my quality on my computer. Dammit and I don't know how to change it.
Hey! Extra pannels. Nice comic though.
Tails: Damn, how am I going to hit Josephk if Sonic keeps getting in the way. Wouldn't that kill you.