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IDK why, but I find it adorable that Ray tucks his shirt in. <3
<3 I just love when Damian has his hair down.
Ooo, me and Aiden are both Geminis! :3 lol, their reactions are so different.
November 5th, 2011
I'm amazed at the places that let this guy in with a duck on his head. lol :)
LOL at the random person "Wait T-dawg, come back yo!" :D
"People saw me?"
i literally lol'd :D
8D Second panel! My sis' OC! XD I don't know why that excited me so much!! And I want a zombie puppy thing!
August 12th, 2011
Oh Nothin' 8D
XD THAT CRACKS ME UP EVERY TIME!! for some reason...
LOL I hear the daughter in law like Seth Rogen. 8D
I should have seen that coming but I didn't!!! XD I laughed so hard!!!
Ha, I like how he's the same guy, just in a sexier body. :D
I LOVE that evil face!!
I love how you switch from super silly easy figures back to serious. :D
Ha Franklin's liquor cabinet is bigger than the others' offices. XD
Too cute!! :3 XD This strip reminds me of something my history teacher said. He described Jefferson as socially retarded. (Jokingly of course, lol)
XD I'm actually learning from reading this!! It's amazing because I'm enjoying it as well.
Aw! He looks so cute with clothes that are too big for him! :)
XD I didn't even catch the Boston Tea Party thing until this page. Durrr I feel SMARt.
Gawd, ur comic makes me feel like such a history dork!! X3 I didn't even realize I actually learned in history class until I read ur comic. i love it!!