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I agree with RiddleLace. Atleast if you feel like you need help. I would definately vote, even if we're just naming one in the comics
Ooh Nakay stupid thing to (almost) say, but punching? hmm not sure about that. Josh needs to count to 10 maybe.
Hmm... I'm not sure josh was expecting nakay to give in I think he may have just said it at first to show that things can't go back the way it was. But maybe now he is hopefull thinking that if nakay gives in there might be something there, I'm not so sure there is though.
Then again I'm probably wrong haha

This is quite a selfish story now I think about it :s Still awesome though!!!
totally need to see how she ever had a man
aah he does care
I so need to see Tommy stepping on a lady bug and crying now!!! LOL
haha dake's face is classic
so lovely and sad
flower store
December 22nd, 2009
I love his boots and i want them *is clawing at the screen for the boots*
December 22nd, 2009
LOl so cute, my reaction actually matched that of Lysenko lmao but this is coming along nicely can't wait for more :)
Yay 2000!!! and such a beautiful picture as a gift lovely work as always. Coincidently I reread most of your stories yesterday laughed again and marvelled at the beauty yet again :)
Oh this comic has had me in stitches
Woohoo fire!!!
even all battered she looks amazingly powerfull very cool
I love that style for him
Aww bless him
aww there so nice and I love the 6th panel its gorgeous
happy birthday!!