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Just some random Finn whose life revolves around comics. With my daily dosage of drawing I also enjoy good music and when it comes to this particular side dish, I'm an omnivore. If I'm not drawing, I'm most likely either writing or watching Simpsons or South Park, unless I've got my sight set on a good horror movie. There are also times when a distraction called "gaming" takes my attention away from everything else. If lucky, it'll be over in a week... or a month.
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@Boa Boa: Welcome to the weird club! We have tea and sympathy group on tuesdays and pillow fights against dragon seagulls on thursdays.
Oot ihan tyhmä!
I don't generally like it when people I know read my comics, even if they liked this particular genre. That being said, I have an announcement to make; Niko, if you're reading this, for the last time, STOP IT!
Varying degrees of stress ensued, and now that I'm finally getting my life back on track let's try to get this thing rolling again :')
Mä olin jo valmis flippaamaan pöytiä, mutta säästykööt nyt jos "jatkoa" on luvassa...
I em watching you...!
No mut hei... tilanne oli kuumenemassa, hyvä viilentää väliin?
ÄÄÄÄÄÄÄ mitä täällä tapahtuu!? D:
@iiya: Mä vaan olin ihan satavarma että oisin saanu tän päätökseen ToT nooope!
Sen sijaan piti paiskia kahta duunia ja sitte ryhtyy bisnes muijaks. Hyvä ammatinvalinta jne.
@iiya: Jostain puskasta tuli kauhee inspiraatiopuuska :D ja nyt taas jumitetaan ku elämä rustailun ulkopuolella työntää koko ajan kapuloita rattaisiin :(
@RainDebJoys: Glad to hear! Real life is keeping me wayyy busier than it should so I unfortunately haven't had time to draw more...

and don't worry, you're not alone with your hatred :'D
We're heading towards make up sex? This oughta be goood >:D
@lovelessbutterfly: Just drawing how I experience them :)
Askel = Step
Prepare yourselves for the grand finale of this comic...!
@Quadrant: I make no promises...
Yeah of course that's what happened. Did you think I have imagination?
Kaisei has similar teaching techniques when it comes to both breathing and sex haha. I'm going to crawl into a pit of shame now.
Kaisei has opened both of his eyes. You know he ain't fucking around now...!
Onks toi... nokian jättämä kolo? :'D
@MyInternetAlias: Don't worry, you'll get an update soon :D
@lovelessbutterfly: My new strategy is to lock the bunny into the wire-free zone... the kitchen, that is! I only let her in the living room if I'm watching TV so my back isn't turned.

Also I didn't get a chance to thank you for the help you offered with the problem, so thank you! It was very sweet of you :D