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I'm a storyteller, not an artist. Drawing is just one of the mediums I use to express my love towards fabricating stuff. And I guess you can enjoy that medium on this site, eh?
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    Seksuaali Sakaali
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@MewMizu: Aww :'D Onhan tätä tietty väännetty (ja seurattu) pitkään. Meille kaikille hämmentävä hetki.
@MyInternetAlias: Currently not in my plans, but I have a few extra stories brewing in my mind so I might return to these guys eventually ;)
And so the cat is out of the bag! With more questions...
Rafael has sass!
I'm a little emotional right now, as this was the last time drawing Lucy and Sakari. Goddamn, I thought I was ready to finish up this comic but maybe I'm not...!
We have reached full circle people, starting and ending on an introduction scene.
Haven't drawn porn in two years. This was weird.
Sakari's O-face tho.
Lucy's just having them late night munchies.
So what I managed to do before the exams was putting down the panels. Four days later when I finally picked up drawing again, I was lineart of the first panel deep before realizing the page was UPSIDE DOWN. Made it work, but still face palming a little at my own stupidity.
I've been trying really hard to keep consistent with the uploads, but I've got entrance exams to face the upcoming week. This makes me really sad because I love being an esthetician, and I love being an entrepreneur, but I hate having to literally cry over not being able to pay my bills on my own. So wish me luck! Hopefully in four years time I'll be able to call myself a dental hygienist instead!
Too late did I realize how kawaii desu Sakari looks in that last panel... Christ almighty. Year long hiatus - never again.
That hiatus was definitely not planned. What can I say? My sims needed me...
Anyhow, I'll try and get this comic moving forward again!
Your art is really beautiful, and I think it's really brave of you to tackle this subject from your own perspective, considering how easily this kind of thing can be frowned upon. Curiously waiting for more! :)
Birds and trees are the same as cars. They're driving me nuts.
@lovelessbutterfly: Really? I definitely recommend it :'D it's fun! long as you're immune to excessive blood splatter. But yeah, the movie begins with the main character getting shot in the head and falling into a coma for 4 years.

Aaand I didn't think that far so... I don't know if they did or didn't :'D
I have fall fatigue and I have spring (if you could call it that) fatigue too. And I'm not exactly spending my time at home much anymore... but I did start bringing my art supplies to where I'm mostly staying so maybe I'm able to get back on track!
@Scarlet Spider: Ho boy! Congrats on the kiss :D perfect setting for that heh!
@Scarlet Spider: You too! Did you do anything fun? :D
Happy new year!
2017 certainly was a huge roller coaster of good and bad things. Fingers crossed that this year will be less dramatic! My resolution is to FINISH THIS!