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I love reading, writing and drawing. Hopefully soon, I will start a comic-hopefully. I have a few ideas.
I have trouble with shading, so if anyone knows good tutorials, please link me. I would like to become good at that.
i will definetely miss seeing this comic updated.
but i will read the sequel you have planned.
have an awesome break from it, but don't take too long ;D
aaha "look an animal i didnt harm !"
honestly , i was expecting a car to run over the chicken ..
Aww Zeus loves his big brother ^_^

Wish that was true all the way through their life ..
Zohmygosh, huggles .
For the cuteness of Hades .. <3
I really disliked Poseidon before it started, from what i know - not nice .

I love Hades .. pretty big field .
thought i'd add to the fangirl comments ^^
i loved this story .
i have always kind of questioned whether to get into Greek Mythology, and this made up my mind, thanks :) ¢¾
awww how cuteness ^__^
i thought zeus was persephone's father .
im still confused about that .
ah well, they're still adorable !
I just started reading this and im addicted already . I love his face in the first two panels .
I really liked this story . After reading the first two, i was wondering what you were going to do next .
Just curious, have any ideas on what you're doing next ?
Poor kid
Emi and Bob for life .. ¢¾
I think your comic looks as good as ever :D
Voted for you !
Hmm , wow lots of opinions huh ?
I say strong scary worded threat to stay away from Emi , and just walk away Bob .
I have to say he is so adorable , and I love his glare .
Ohhh , they are so beyond dead .
Go Bob
Wait, is she already the other girl ?
xD romance in girls bathroom. ^ i kind of forgot they were there. Shouldnt Bob like.. leave? Bring Emi along but he should get out of there xD
aww bob :) hey cutness , thanks for saving the day !
what are you talking about ?
that's is totally a 100 % non-poisonous drink right there , xD

if she drinks that she is really dumb - this guy is a total creep 0.o
Does Emily paint, draw or both ?
Because some people can only do one, but I think I've seen a picture of her painting ?