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I don't know how you do it, but this just keeps getting better and drawing me in. Keep doing amazing work :)
Kaidou... he should know how Aki gets hurt easily. :( why must he be mean for caring.
i love this comic :) plz continue the sound of pleasure ;3
it has been raining for like 2 weeks in pittsburgh....and it is the middle of is all of this global warming shit going on,
and why is everyone talking about the weather when shuno is probably dying being worried right not.!!!!!
im going to cry :( bad harrison. all your boyfriend wanted was to know you were thinking about him this whole time, and know you were going to be together. buuuuuut NOOOOOOO you have to go and CHEAT ON HIM!!!!!! he would never do that to you. baaaad baaaaad baaaaaaaaaadddddd harrison. >-<
;D yesssss knew it would happen
DICK!!!!! i knew i didnt like him
awww this is turning into a touching moment :)
2 sexy parents.... that explains everything
love it!!!!!!
O-O didnt expect her to recover that fast
good :D

i just have to say, from an artists point of view... this angle shot is amazing i LOVE IT <3
September 23rd, 2011
i would still love you. dont cry, we dont ALL hate you
oh they soooooo love each other
kaito.... you look sooo sad.
is it a happy sad? or a sad....sad?
true love <3
it is adorably cute. they dont know it yet but they are falling in love >.<
here he comes.... i have my faith in him.

shuno's "love senses" were acting up and he knew he had to save him from colt!!!!!