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I'm a university student working on a Sociology Degree. I'm an avid reader of many fictions such as "Harry Potter", "The Hobbit" "The Hunger Games" but I also like to read older stories like "Moby Dick and "Dracula." Although not a professional, I do write a lot.

I enjoy reading mangas and watching some animes. As a child I grew up watching many action packed Shounens such as the ever famous "Dragonball" and "Yu Yu Hakasho." My tastes have in those times changed and increased where I'm willing to watch many differnt types of shows.

Some of my favorite anime/mangas, etcs are:

1.) Hellsing (Manga/OVA)

2.) Elfen Lied (Manga)

3.) Trigun/Maximum

4.) Fate/Stay Night (VN) and Fate/Zero

5.) Fullmetal Alchemist

6.) Dragonball

7.) Clannad

The list goes on.

I like to draw all that I've done is from years of just using a mouse and practicing. Certainly not without flaws, I can only hope to get better and better.
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I've definitely been enjoying the comic and want it to continue.

Have you ever thought of maybe hosting your comic on other sites. Tapastic for example has been a great place and heck you can even start your own revenue there.

Work on comics and make money at the same time. Heck if anything considering how much larger Tapastic is, you'd probably get a larger audience for your comic there.
@forgotten_cake: Much Better!
Another great page.

Not sure how much I'm feeling the new Layout though. Appearance wise it's not really a problem for me is that, unless I'm blind, there doesn't seem to be a way to choose pages to go to. It's just First Page, Next Page, Previous Page, etc.
And the fight heats up! Eiren delivers a brutal stab against the good doctor. But despite losing half of his blood, the doctor keeps the pain to a minimum and barely knocks way the knife!

He retaliates with a brutal Doctorate Rib Breaker! It is all it takes for Eiren not to keel over and cry like a small baby panda.

Yet his determination is strong! Fighting back the pain, Eiren delivers a terrifying Sacred Serial Killer Slam, knocking the wind out of the doctor.

But the Doctor rises, rage and fury across his face as he comes up against the terrifying might of Eiren!

Who shall win this terrifying battle between Doctor and Killer!?!?

Ah great page, can't wait for the next.
Oh no! Eirin's at it again!

Can't wait for the next chapter.
Don't stab me! Oh...its only you Eiren...stabbed anyone...I was your holiday?

I can't help but think the character art has improved vastly. Both the outline and the tones. Honestly just put in more details in the background and you'd have yourself one hell of a comic.
December 14th, 2015
Getting pumped for what's going to happen next. Curse this one week wait!
I must say, this page came out quite well.
December 5th, 2015
@ImmortalDreams: True enough.
December 5th, 2015
Nice story. :)

Looks like we got a small typo with "Thread" instead of "Threat" and I'm not sure if it was intentional or if you meant to say "bad man" because vampire or not, I'd be pretty terrified if Batman was after me.
November 30th, 2015
Another great page. I guess this guy is some strange inhuman being who does not die when one is killed.
November 9th, 2015
Aimiff found a friend!
Even after all this time, I'm still enjoying this story.
November 27th, 2014
Don't be rude Sybil, I'm sure Ketchup-Head is an upstanding citizen like everyone else.
Ah that's nice. I remember the original scene before and it was rather kooky looking. But this is nice, frightening and demented.

The original was unintentionally hilarious but this one is truly frightening.
This parts a little new. Reyn didn't try to call anyone in the earlier version. Nice touch.

Reyn: This is terrible! Excuse me inconspicuous guy with blood on him! I need your help! There's been this murder in the alley and the killer looks a lot like you! Help mate!
Rage and tears! Well I wish the best of luck and I hope you at least keep this version up for us to see.
November 13th, 2013
It's quite a nice page, so much textures and descriptive points in it.
Poor Sybil, all that violence at home. It's almost odd seeing Reyn with her hair like that. By no means is it bad, but so used to see it long and down her back its surprising to see it in a new style here. But hey, that's good.
As always, greatly enjoying the comic. It's amazing how well the art has changed. I mean look Reyn from the prologue, and now look at these later chapters. More refined, clear, and greatly improved.