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Battlefield 3 homage
This is why there are no optical flares in Halo.
New volume
This next volume is going to have something completely new!

This comic is directed to anyone who has a flaming helmet. It really is my favorite, but I'd never wear it. I always wear Heart Attack.
Flooded Lab
The Flooded Lab map variant I used has a blank spot for the author name was made by the game itself? Freaky....
This Comic
What is this I don't even......

I mean that in a good way lol.
This aint no ordinary explosion.
This is the final part of the epic rebellion strip.

Celestia Vectors are from Felix-KoT
I would add sound FX to some of it, but unfortunately I've never seen or heard what a balcony being smashed by a tank sounds like.
This is the first of a 3 parter. I pondered to make one epic comic or seperate it in 3, and I went with the latter. The Celestia images are from ponychan.
The Celestia images in this strip are credited to Kalle Flaxx

I decided not to make a 9/11 themed strip because I can't think of anything funny with 9/11 right now.
@The FDA: It's not a fanfiction, it's a theory.
The baby Celestia image I found on Ponychan, thanks to the good ol' anonymous.
This is a short spin to Situational Awareness. The story is by "The FDA" and I shall be using these short stories for the same goal at the end: a lesson learned.

This time though, I'm throwing ponies in the mix.
I've wanted to use this easter egg somehow, and finally I found a logical reason! Brutes are docile like that, right?

Images are from NightFury312, Legokiller199, and EatenFunnyman. \
Common Sense
Some people lose it when instinct kicks in. Train yourself not to.

Images from "FG Fuzzy" and "captain jeroen"
That guy's a total asshole, right? Sitting on the lap? Go for death.

Images by DoG Hasman and Calling
Marines killed a rancor with a pistol. Luke Skywalker used a bone. Pretty even kick-assery if you ask me.
Did you know that "SAVANNAH" was originally a typo? It's true!
RIP Carter, the most uninteresting yet badass captain Halo ever had.

Also, Gorden Freeman took the last image.
It didn't work for me.

Images taken by Killer Kirby000, Vexsf, LeftCoastCANUCK, uncle w0p, Putm20, and IKosuk