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Im into the goth
oh yesss
November 15th, 2016
keep it up yay
love this comic, keep it going is so good
everyone is so cute in this comic!
GAHHH i dont know how i want together anymore!
May 4th, 2016
awww baby
ive been there
im almost always there myself hang on! X3
Havent been around
So sorry i havent been around
i proud myself in the fact that i read this comic pretty early and enjoyed every entry even the sad ones and felt a connection with you and your family
That being said
i am sad that i wont be knowing how you guys are anymore but i hope and i hope hope hope so much that you are getting better each day and that baby keeps getting amazing
sorry i havent been around to catch this update until now
but im here and David i want to say thank you for sharing your life with us, it helped me to take some decitions as well even if you dont know. so thanks!

from a small town in guatemala
i say thanks

keep doing good and imma send ya some hugs to you and the rest of your family (of course brad goes in there too)

November 30th, 2015
beautiful babyyy
oh helllll
be the bae!
Im glad youre updating i just checked the page today to see if you were back and you are here now! yay!
man is really hard with your family huh? well that boy is the cutest little amazing thing ever so he should be fine....
now give us the outfits options so we can share the opinion david! XD
anyways take care and say hi to that baby!
oh gosh just fuck already XD
Im really glad he is helping you and that you are talking again. say hi to lil joshua and i hope he gets better
i mean
Yeah i was feeling like Mai was being kind of 'demonized' when is just that she is not feeling well
you cant expect that everyone will be able to take care of a baby even if that baby is theirs
i think you are actually doing great, you have support from your siblings and from us as well
i also think Joshua is super mega hyper cute!
Sending all my love and support from here! even if are just words i hope you are doing ok and keep getting better and better at it!
I hope she starts feeling better soon
now the important one will be Joshua
actually david, i think youre one of the bravest people ive seen. hang in there
. . . . . . . hotdamn
July 21st, 2015