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*u* I'm silly.
I'm a bit perverted.
>____> I have multiple personalities, so I can't list how I am all the time.

I love drawing, reading, Star Trek, COMPOOTER BOXES(D: even though they are not boxes anymore), school, AND YOU, BBYCAKES ;D

...Hobbies...let's see -thinks-
Drawing is one.
=u= Sleeping and computers be the others.
OTL I have a boring lifestyle.

At the moment, I am waiting for spring break to come around, but I'm no where near finishing school.
D:< I'll tell you how old I am in...
;3 A month.

>.O My gender is CLASSIFIED!
I like popping into my stories as both male and female.
>o> And sometimes a crossdresser.
So, Thomas was all:
"wtf y u no save?"
And Andy was all:
"lololol not my jarrisdicshun"
And then Thomas was all:
Her hair
It's sex hair. [insert /b/ face here]
ANYWAY, yeah, it was originally going to be a waist-up black-and-white, but I was being lazy and didn't want to make the canvas bigger, SO you guys got a lazy-colored headshot. 83
Hurr hurr, first character up!
n un I finally finished it!
I'm going to go through all of the family, the chilluns are left now, draw all of them, and give them a short lil' bio.

...Also, yeah. I didn't feel like drawing her hair today.
It is literally "anime-hair" because it's RIDICULOUSLY long.
Sparkle Sparkle?
Sexy tiemz nao?
>:l Misleading.
-giggles like a school girl- *u*
This page makes me happy.
Very, very happy.
And then they kiss and do the deed. B]
theybetter D<
Haru's friend is adorable 8D <3
Rawrwar -impatient-
IT'S PIGMAN! least I think it's a pig o.o
XDDD The comments...
:o Is someone calling Pokemon?
*o* Omai -nosebleed-
omai, That's a healthy ghost.
* 3* -nosebleed+milkspurting-
-smashes 3 key-
"But then...."