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Webcomic-, Music-, Internet-, Sport-, Pretzles and Chewing gum addicted ^_^. Working at a japanese embassy.
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I'll be donating at the end of the month, you guys hang in there :)
Awesome prank and I love Peter's evil grin XD Thx for the wallpaper, I'm quite becoming the fan of Smiling Andy x)
Looking forward to...
...Winter and even more to Peter getting laid XD. Seems like it's going to be one fun and thrilling rollercoaster ride \m/
Always giddy
Hehe, nice update! And I love the incentives, they're awesome and unique ^_^ you make your fans really happy, Mister.
Incentives daily? Yay! You're officially more awesome than awesome <3. Excellent Comic today, I hope that Peter will gradually get over it, but so good to see the whole bunch have a party in a lighter atmosphere. It was pretty intenso lately xD Not that I'd dislike that! XD
Back again!
Phew, awesome updates! Hope your better half gets well soon again XD And I totally adore Peter's face, made me laugh a lot, thus a good start into the soon-to-be-weekend :D Now going to vote as usual ^^
My friend once sent me a card with the saying "Everyone is like a moon, with both a very bright side, and a dark side they never show" It is not easy to reveal the darkest of thoughts to anyone. I feel for Peter, really do.
Awesome Update today as well! And...LMAO @ Incentive! Drummer-san is doing it right, I would probably start poking Peter too at this point until he just rants his head off, it'll do Peter some good. Woot, PoY is on #20 @ topwebcomics!
Have a good monday *feeds on caffeine to stay alive*
OMG the incentive is hilarious xD And today's comic very warm and nicely written/drawn. Would write more but I don't know well how to put things in words so, just letting the picture and text with the atmosphere sink in, looking forward to the next update as usual, and hoping the best for both Mel n'Peterle.
Eeee xD
*fan squeal* I wanna jump on the couch and pinch his ...well *coughs* really like today's update, going to dash over to vote, and sweet to see that Andy is protective and caring toward Mel ^_^.
Very, very strong image, Mr Twist...Of course I'm going to vote as often as I am allowed to (gladly I have a different pc at work so I can vote twice *gnehehe*) cause this Webcomic soo needs its place among or as the very top. I can imagine that the incentives is a lot of work for you, but I really liked the fan art too ^_^ I don't know how many are being sent in but would love to see them every once in a while when it gets hard on you to make incentives :D. Thumbs up!
Of course we will still vote, who can resist such eyes?

Awesome comic, and yeah, Kara has a good point here...great to see her motives.
I liked both the comic and the incentive a lot, and Kara saying "My little girl needs me", awesome :D The incentive was hilarious, and I didn't saw it coming at all rofl.
I haven't known either of the two deceased people Mr Twist mentioned. But it is indeed sad when anyone who has been a good example, or even been a source of inspiration to many people, leaves. Mr Twist, the inspiration you gained from him will remain and live through you, and all those who looked up to Mr Pekar.

The comic of today is excellent, and I had to laugh so hard at the incentive xD. I can't even draw a tree, in my art classes, the teacher (an old hag with lipstick on her teeth and a bird's nest on her head; she called it hairs) made me draw Picasso's goat about 10 times, and called it "Horrible! Neighbor's Poodle looks better than that!" T_T.

So of course I am full of respect toward people who actually are skilled in arts, especially Webcomics, since the art is easily accessible on the internet, the stories often amazing with stunning drawings.

I love the particular way you draw emotions on the character's faces, it's different and awesome, love the expressions of today's comic <3.

Thumbs up, keep on rocking, and I'll go vote now x9 Kthxbai.
@ yayness
I have the andy incentive still, if you want I can send it to you per mail, I think if you register to comment, you could send me a message with a new created mail adress and I will send it to you :)
Thank you Mr Twist, that was a great idea with the bar, although I must admit that I will most likely sneak-scroll down.

Curiosity is female :). As a reader, I really really appreciate how much you, the artist, do for us in general. And that just shows in the votings ;)

We love the comic, we appreciate and love the artist. I read many, many webcomics due to a rather quiet workplace with internet, but this one here is the only one where I love to comment and support.

The atmosphere is great between fan and artist :D

Today's comic is splendid, the colors are even more intense after reading the bl/wh one, love that effect. I hope Peter gets a good hug soon...
Hehe well now I'm curious xD Awesome Mr Twist, don't overdo it tho, if your hand starts hurting it wouldn't be good x_x hope you enjoyed some awesome fireworks! *goes to vote quickly*
Nice kick there, buddy! ;D I guess someone will have literal blue eggs *coughs*. Awesome incentive, great update, and don't worry ^_^ I loved this daily update, but nothing against some little (sometimes painful mwaha) suspense. You've found a very good rhythm here, it works so why change it xD going to... the tomes later...>_< brilliant. One last voting round, and next month will be just as fun to vote.

Loved every single incentives, and Mr Beefcake is for now in the top 10 of my desktop pictures *gehehe*.

So looking forward to your webcomics, as well as the incentives, both are deeply appreciated and enjoyed :)
Awesome, playing chess and concentrating while doing so helps so much to clear the head xD *likes*