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Well hello there, my name is Willona and I'm pretty much a sucker for anything that has to do with art. I'm crazy, but in a good way, not the I'm-going-to-kill-you-with-this-rubberduck psyco kind of crazy XD. I like smilies, so if you can't handle that... than you're out of luck ^^. I have a huge obession with the cheshire cat from alice in wonderland, hence the icon.
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@liacat: Yes! I agree, please tell me that he's the fairy godmother!!
Lol I love that she threw his key in the cup! XD who does that? (only cool people of course ^^).
Le gasp O0O
Such drama!! Anyway, you're style's really professional, if you're not publishing stuff already I think you should really consider it ^^. It looks really cool and I can relate to the characters, I'm looking forward to see where this is going ^^.
God I really love your drawings ^^
Wow is he an empath or something?
April 19th, 2011
Lol it took me some time to figure out that it where rocks on her face, I thought it was giant rice! But I'm just weird that way XD. You gotta love food ^^.
April 16th, 2011
OMG!! AWESOME!!! I'm so going to stalk this comic ^^.
April 10th, 2011
Wow! Even though you don't like drawing them your shoe and building look really smooth! I can't wait for other characters to show up ^^, the main character's so intersting I can't help but wonder what she would act like with other the other characters ^^. I'm really curious!
I really like where this is going, keep up the good work! ^^
Wow was that guy the fairygodmother?
Super cute! ^^
So pretty *^*
Oh oh! I really like the concept! I love your art, it's really cute, I wanna cuddle your characters ^^.
Lol and here I thought she had a secret lover XD.
Awesome page ^^.
January 5th, 2011
I can see the guy thinking: "OMG! WHERE DID ALL THE FURNITURE GO?!"
January 4th, 2011
Lol I really like reading things with a brittish accent, but it only works with certain characters...
Anyway, nicely drawn ^^.
I love the accent <3, your drawing style is very interesting to look at! I'll be waiting here for updates *_*
Good luck!
I hope you'll do well on your finals!

I always love it when heroines have a lot of determination, go Ellie!
The stairs of doom!!!! *ahem*