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Freelance artist is my day job and comics are a hobby of mine!

I'm not currently doing anything comic-related right now... Sorry, money troubles is the usual right now and I'm in that cliche 'don't-know-what-I'm-doing-with-myself' currently.

I am writing comic scripts in my free time so... here's fingers crossed!
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You really are an amazing artist *_* This is wonderful, you're expressing so much about these characters while only showing hands! Fantastic.
Oh wow, I just love how the art on this page came out! Especially in that first panel!
You've done a great job keeping track of the 'camera' (so to speak) and the placement of the characters in a scene. It's awesome that you can keep track of that @w@
Ugh, I always loved Bulma<3 Sometimes the show would forget her personality but I'm happy to see you staying spot on c:
I get such Goku vibes from this guy. Like just precious innocent goodness x3 <3
The way you drew Garrett is great here. His expressions here are definitely my favorite thus far (I'm reading this for the first time)

Loving this comic by the way.
Chapter 1 is Done!
I'm happy that I've had very sweet people comment on my comic during this first chapter, over such a long period of time. I'm a very insecure person, I'm in therapy, I essentially punch myself with the words I say. Today I feel uplifted reading through the comments of things people have said ;w; I can't wait to continue into Chapter 2.
Let this be a warning to all of you young digital artists: DON'T NEGLECT YOUR TRADITIONAL TECHNIQUES! eurgh...

I do A LOT of digital art and have grown tired of it being just about the only thing I work with (well that's not true, I also like acrylic painting but for the sake of not cluttering my very small house with unsold paintings, I have intentionally stopped until I have a space to put them)
I've actually been wanting for a while to be able to do comics in a traditional medium. Even when it sucks (such as with this page) I find it is more sincere, something I feel digital art isn't successful at. At least not for me. So testing out different strategies and mediums on paper has commenced.

This page and the next page will be the only colored pencil ones I do (for now?) because after the next page I threw my hands up in the air and said "screw colors". They weren't scanning right and my computer was being an inaccurate bitch (my fiance's computer being significantly nicer =n= )..... While colors are suitable for herdshire by miles and miles, ultimately I wouldn't be working with colors anyways if I did just about any other story I have or could come up with.

I've tried greyscale markers on Page 33 and I like the results a lot more. Markers are also way more fun and pretty <: Which is why I'll be updating page 32 fairly quickly (within the next few days) so that we can be done with this colored pencil mess.
@dracone: Miss Mary Black, the spider. She's friendly is all and Crop Duster is a newcomer! :)
A new page!
It's been a long time but finally, an update for Herdshire!

Like I said a while back, I do still love herdshire. In fact, a friend of mine made me stuffed animals of my favorite characters in the Herdshire universe including Passion Punch (the other two being Brilliant Warning and Gearbox). They sit on my bed<3

I think I'll come up with a way to make more herdshire pages that are just done more quickly. The updates will not be promised weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly still as I do have other projects that still take up a considerable amount of my time.
Why I don't intend on profiting off of Herdshire
@GabrielsThoughts: (I apologize for my late reply) but me saying I don't intend of profiting off of Herdshire isn't me saying I don't intend to, or don't think I can, profit off of comics. It's because Herdshire is a my little pony comic that I do not intend on profiting off of it. Hasbro has sounded very uncomfortable with big MLP fan-projects in the past such as animations and video games. I don't want to profit off of a project where the creators are uncomfortable with that.
What you probably notice about the lateness of this page is that updates are going to become a bit more random than before. The problem is Herdshire is completely for fun and I have no intention of ever profiting off of it.... So that means I can't put aside a lot of time when I'm barely making enough cash to get by right now. I still love Herdshire however.
@dracone: Thank you for informing me (sorry for the late response). I've fixed it :)
Sorry this one is so late!
@GabrielsThoughts: I love that I named her "Lupa" after wolves. And the first idea when you see her is Bunnies and Dragons xD I can't complain with bunny-dragon though.
Page 25!
Sorry about the lateness xux;;