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What I really don't like about this page is the last panel - Taisuke looks just plain out weird in it. Other than that this went pretty well - I did not expect Taisuke to try and kick them out for their failures. Sakima's madface on page 10 deserves special mention as one of the most epic moments in the story so far.

All in all, nice work, I'm curious to see how it will go from here. I'm guessing the director will want Sakima to stay on the case, or Taisuke will be otherwise convinced by Sakima's bravado and Azuki's tear-stained face.
Pretty damn good work on those last three pages. Rupert was quite hilarious. I guess Azuki isn't as hurt as it seemed she would be when she fell.

I think it's safe to say that your drawing is constantly improving. Keep up the good work!
Hey, I haven't commented on this for a while. Glad to see you're back up and running - this story is quite awesome, and when the updates stopped I was worried.

I really enjoyed all the stuff up to now, including the character profiles, which were a nice touch, and the backstory to the Duel Agents. Page 194, last panel was probably my favorite in the whole story so far. Really curious to meet the rest of the Agents, looks like we'll get something on Taisuke's chick in this chapter, which honestly, by the chapter and the first few pages, I was expecting to be about Sakima. Btw, I wonder if some aesthetic details of page 3 were also inspired by Vanguard's latest episode.

This latest page was indeed quite awesome. I wonder what Taisuke does, or what is revealed about him, that causes the other two to glare at him so sternly. Sakima looks like quite the badass in this panel.

Also, glad to see I'm not the only one who totally confused Sakima with one of the 'taro bros in page 4.
That was me above btw, lol. Forgot to login >_>.
Woot, I liked the ending, very badass. Sorry to hear about your depression, things like that often happen to me when I write and I just can't focus my attention - all you can do is tough it out. Still, great work with the last two pages, Sakima gets a clean-cut victory he deserves, and they were really, really well-drawn ending pages. No complaints there, especially the 'big bad' looks extremely awesome, and the spirits of the dragons attacking was truly excellent - only thing to note was that in that panel, Kotaro's monsters were not shown at all. I expected at least some shadow of them to be present, since they weren't actually destroyed by anything. Anyways, looking forward to the next chapter!
It'd help to remind us of the monsters' stats occasionally. Or put them all up compiled somewhere (I though there was something like that, but now I can't find it). What was Blue's DEF again?

Anyway, good two pages are good. Sakima's and Kotaru's expressions are very well done here. Excellent work.
Oh, come on. Catastor's attack and Teishoku's destruction and not a single explosion panel? =(
Loving this page. Extremely well done. Especially the first panel was utterly epic. But, Sakima seems weird in the third panel, his raised fist is just out-of-place with the events, and Kotaro's dialogue in the last panel is funky. It's like him saying "Hey, I'm dumb, but not THAT dumb to do that!" Still, great job.
No chant for Catastor? =(

Still, epic page is epic. I don't know, but every time you take a break, you seem to improve something. This time, it's definitely the faces. Disregarding Sakima's totally wtf'd expression at panel 3 (seriously, is it THAT surprising that he's going to Synchro?) both Sakima's face in panel 1 and Kotaro's face in panels 2 and 4 are very well drawn. Great job, once again. The plot is really getting exciting, and your artwork is constantly getting better.
Sand Stone isn't _that_ bad. It is a Level 5 that is fetchable by Giant Rat so it'd theoretically be usable in a Ratbox Synchro. There would be better options but it could still have a use and it synergizes with vanilla support if you choose the path of vanilla Ratbox. It's bad, but not the worst card that exists.
Realistically, though, Kotaro is the gimped one here. If he just had a monster with 1400 ATK or more, he could use Unlimiter's effect for game.
Whoa. Pretty nice pages there, I loved them. Sakima is pretty lucky to have gotten Mirror Force, there are quite a few Allies of Justice that can make short work of Light monsters regardless of their strength. I wouldn't count Kotaro out just yet though.
Been kind of busy lately, haven't had much time to check back =/.

They usually mention the levels of the Synchro material monsters in the anime, right before they announce their names. Though lately they've began skipping them.
Every time I come back to this, it's even better than where I left it. Excellent improvements as far as artwork is concerned, and the storyline's picking up. And also, displaying monster levels is helpful since I, for example, did not remember at all what the levels of the material monsters were. For a moment I thought he was going to summon some level 10 or something.


Well, the fact that she isn't, you know, lying in a pool of her own blood gives me some hope. Maybe she'll get away with a broken arm or something. But she'll be staying out of the action for a while... I just hope Taisuke doesn't get to duel Hikaru in her stead. She needs to have her revenge >_>.
Yeah, but I predict dramatic rescue incoming. Either that or hardcore epic acrobatics.
O_O That was an unexpected development... I like those. Guess you gotta keep stuff like that in mind when playing games on motorcycles... er, trucks. On a side note, I found the drawing of Azuki a little iffy this time, maybe some lack of detail.
Alright, Rituals were never very good due to bad mechanic design (massive loss of hand advantage for underwhelming effects), except for Demise builds and recently Herald builds, but Fusions used to be quite popular and they cropped up often. Saying that they sort of made a comeback in the GX era doesn't make any sense since Fusions weren't really good before the GX era, at least not in the competitive scene, though some Dragon builds were playable IIRC. But Fusions were played quite a lot, and when Synchros were introduced everyone forgot about them, and Contact Fusion never really made it as a mechanic except in Gladiator Beasts, in which it was really limited. Nowadays the only real Fusions you see is the occasional A0 build, and MSF builds. When a mechanic is introduced and until it expands reasonably it might be weak and underplayed, but you can't say it's obsolete, it's only obsolete when it is actually playable but something comes up and makes it disappear, like Synchros did with Fusions.
Yeah, I just read about that. It's just a filler idea copypasted from other CCGs because Konami can't think up anything good any more. What I especially hate is new mechanics killing off the previous ones, like how Rituals and Fusions are basically obsolete now (there is like 1 Ritual and 1 Fusion competitive deck, and it's not even T1, but 80% of the competitive decks are based on, or at least consistently running, Synchros). I'm not sure if this will happen with the Excess monsters, since they seem so darn unplayable and stiff right now compared to Synchros, whereas the advantages with Synchros were quite obvious (Fusion monsters that did not require Fusion cards and had versatile materials), but I guess only time - and support - will tell. Well, at the very least they won't - shouldn't - be splashable in just about every deck.
It's good to see that the quality has been continuously increasing through the last few pages. Seriously, great job with the Lightsworn monsters. Although if it was me, I'd have tributed Wulf rather than Jain for more milling at end phase, and destroyed the reverse card rather than the token. But, anime/fanfic dueling =/= real life dueling.

On the new series, it looks pretty bland, although rumor has it some concepts from the original will be brought back, thankfully. I see it being more akin to GX rather than 5Ds, meant to appeal to a younger audience, though I'm hoping it will progress to its "season 3" state faster than GX did.

I'm just hoping no new mechanic comes along to the card game because of the series, Synchros broke the game so much when they came out and even after all these years they still aren't in a very good state, balance-wise.