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Kenno Arkkan
I'm a freelance illustrator of sorts
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    Alonso Fernández
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@412342: lmao
It's page 420 bruuuuh

Just kidding. Winners don't do drugs.
@Guest: think of it as a spinoff experiment season. We'll be back to the mellow team couples shenaningans in no time.
Yo i put in the announcement that I was going to sdcc and therefore wouldn't be able to make it D:
Lyrics are from Hot wind blowing (C) Jamie Christopherson
almost 2 days late cuz moving sucks fat weiners

Have a kawaii alpha.
If i still titled the pages, you know how i would call this one
@guest_reader: its a normal sized country. You gotta traverse a BIG ASS country like the US, where it takes you more than 6-8 hours to move from big city to another in car to get a sense of what a big ass country is like xD In mexico you only take 2 hours between cities, 5 or 6 if you go to the capital, and that's only cuz you gotta travel through mountain ranges. In europe, you travel like 2 hours and you already reached another country lol. I suppose that's what darwin meant.
we could all use some dinner
@Tehrasha: God damn it
@Vex: Thanks ! I'll fix it asap.
I said i was done with fanservice, but I LIED.

This /might/ be the last one, i promise.
happy new year!
Happy holidays from My life with Fel! Today's update day landed exactly on christmas, so I couldn't pass this chance.
@Darwinskeeper: Thats exactly what i said. No smoking, just plain bacon.
@Guest: They just killed a huge hog two pages ago. IT's probably not smoked, but hey.
@Guest: that's just muttering
This page was inspired by floraverse! A very unique and expansive webcomic project. You can check it out over here: I might keep experimenting with this :O
I've been changing artstyles willy nilly for the last 7 years, idk why you guys sound so surprised about a sudden change xD
I've been drawing pretty much the same for several months on a row, so its time to change things up