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Kenno Arkkan
I'm a freelance illustrator of sorts
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    Alonso Fernández
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@Guest: its this universe's version of furries. Just the same way here they got "googs" instead of google and Las lindas branded "Moo milk" for pretty much anything dairy and beef related.
english is hard
aaaaaaa i don't know the minutia of the english language. Such as that writting tho and though was wrong D: Figures like that don't exist in Spanish afaik so what I consider "okay" is definitely different once it translates. As usual, if you see mistakes like those, LET ME KNOW CUZ THEY ABSOLUTELY FLY OVER MY HEAD x_x
Alas, back to our protagonists
How was this story arc? Let me know in the comments :O In terms of writting, I tried a thing or two that I haven't done before.
@412342: lmao
It's page 420 bruuuuh

Just kidding. Winners don't do drugs.
@Guest: think of it as a spinoff experiment season. We'll be back to the mellow team couples shenaningans in no time.
Yo i put in the announcement that I was going to sdcc and therefore wouldn't be able to make it D:
Lyrics are from Hot wind blowing (C) Jamie Christopherson
almost 2 days late cuz moving sucks fat weiners

Have a kawaii alpha.
If i still titled the pages, you know how i would call this one
@guest_reader: its a normal sized country. You gotta traverse a BIG ASS country like the US, where it takes you more than 6-8 hours to move from big city to another in car to get a sense of what a big ass country is like xD In mexico you only take 2 hours between cities, 5 or 6 if you go to the capital, and that's only cuz you gotta travel through mountain ranges. In europe, you travel like 2 hours and you already reached another country lol. I suppose that's what darwin meant.
we could all use some dinner
@Tehrasha: God damn it
@Vex: Thanks ! I'll fix it asap.
I said i was done with fanservice, but I LIED.

This /might/ be the last one, i promise.
happy new year!
Happy holidays from My life with Fel! Today's update day landed exactly on christmas, so I couldn't pass this chance.
@Darwinskeeper: Thats exactly what i said. No smoking, just plain bacon.
@Guest: They just killed a huge hog two pages ago. IT's probably not smoked, but hey.