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@Vex: Thanks ! I'll fix it asap.
I said i was done with fanservice, but I LIED.

This /might/ be the last one, i promise.
happy new year!
Happy holidays from My life with Fel! Today's update day landed exactly on christmas, so I couldn't pass this chance.
@Darwinskeeper: Thats exactly what i said. No smoking, just plain bacon.
@Guest: They just killed a huge hog two pages ago. IT's probably not smoked, but hey.
@Guest: that's just muttering
This page was inspired by floraverse! A very unique and expansive webcomic project. You can check it out over here: I might keep experimenting with this :O
I've been changing artstyles willy nilly for the last 7 years, idk why you guys sound so surprised about a sudden change xD
I've been drawing pretty much the same for several months on a row, so its time to change things up
Okay okay this is the last one, I swear. It's just that it's very unlikely to have these characters in this situation again 😩
@Kauphy: You're welcome :D
@CyrseSylus: When it comes to MLWF, it's always zoolander.
alas, the fanservicest of all the pages that will ever grace the face of this webcomic, and the answer to the age old question: How would tony the tiger look in swimwear?
@Jay: Only if you drink too much of it, but i sure as hell havn't shown them drinking any thing else so i guess thats my bad lol
Been waiting /years/ to do that cereal box joke
@Darwinskeeper: She did! I thought it would be more visible, but in the end it isnt ;_; i paint this pictures in twice its original size, so sometimes details like these get lost.

@xenofurr thanks!

@Paxus5212: as long as you don't plan on publishing the book and making a profit, it should be alright, if not, well, contact me via email at kenno.arkkan (at) gmail (dot) com and we can discuss it further.
@foducool: Noted, thanks!
@Naima: Get with the times, gramps.
@Anzar: Yeah they do some wacky sounds, i just didnt want to overuse the typical "growl"

Also @Koren i put it that way, but the way the eye follows the frame, going down the growling, following the gator's head and landing on the bottom speech bubble, it felt weird.
@Darwinskeeper: If you squint at pawsy for long enough, she does look like a cheeseburger. Green's just the lettuce. or the pickles, or both.