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Ace D Nova
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Hahahaha. Sorry if this seems a little fast or out of the blue, but there were a few panels of this (guess not explained very well, sorry). Don't worry, things shall be explained soon.
Hey TKGB, glad to see you are still with us.

Also, the style will always have Eric looking like he needs more sleep, as that's the way he's meant to look.

Glad to see all people want is to see if Eric is getting enough sleep. His health means a lot to us too.

All that aside, still nice to see you with us TKGB. Thanks for sticking around.
TKGB_Cocker, I'd hate to see a reader who has been with us, since I believe the beginning (or if not, pretty close to the beginning) stop reading.

So as a warning to you, there will be a short 4th wall breaking again soon. There was only ever 2 4th wall arcs planned, and this will be the final one. The only thing I can say is, read until it starts and come back 2 weeks later. As it is after that short 4th wall arc that the story gets back into bigger stories.

If just the notion of having another 4th wall joke is going to make you leave, then I am sorry.

I will not rewrite the story planned, all I can do is ask you to skip over or bear with those 2 weeks of 4th wall breakage.

If this still for some reason causes you to leave our little comic, then we wish you farewell and it's been a pleasure having you with us. Thank you very much.

Feel free to look at the future of Malvado or any other works AdequateJ or myself, might be working on.
Thank you for your kind words, Nezu

I can understand TKGB_Cocker's humour change, as the humour has shifted a little more towards randomness.

I can assure you, all these random encounters will play their part during the bigger story. There will be more structure within the next 30 comics.
What kind of humour is this then?

Either way, must be going a good job if it makes you read something you hate, haha.

Well, as I said, it will go back to the old style of humour soon, if that was any better for you.