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In reality, I have eyebrows.

My shoulder has been throwing hissy fits when I use my desktop, so hopefully by the time I get back it's over it :')))
There's a ton of worldbuilding I have in my head that I don't generally toss around, but tbh I got too much shit going on to sit down and draw pages.
best wishes for the delivery! hope the baby likes sleeping at night.
September 17th, 2017
Also brought to you by The Big Lebowski
I keep seeing the Diwali post when I go to upload comics and it's nearly 2017 Diwali so I feel ridiculous looking at it

Anyway, hi
Diwali mubarak
To those of you who celebrate it, anyway.

And to everyone else, a happy recovery-from-Halloween-party-hangover day. ;p
no more planes this year...April through September was intense (by non-consultant standards). I wouldn't mind doing it again next year although with a little less injury-requiring-months-of-rehab next time. We'll see.

Anyway yeah, I need to find a way to be home enough on weekends to finish like an entire year of art before summer. And again, if you're seriously like interested in where this goes, you should let me know because it tends to get pushed below things that sometimes make me money (aka writing).
I imagine Bradley's explanations look a lot like those bits in the first few eps of Sleepy Hollow.
July 19th, 2015
haaaah so what would his video be??

happy to see updates :D
Ha, I look incredibly generically brown.

Sergio's devotion is adorable.
I rather like how the conversation's laid out here, so it worked out okay!

Dialogue is basically another way of communicating information. The trick is making it look natural without being natural (i.e., all those 'um's and filler words that show up in real conversation). I watch well-written TV for it.
I want to live like animals, careless and free (to eat my offspring if they smell weird or I'm just hungry)
WTF, those were supposed to be hover-only. Not sure what's going on, but I've removed them. Thanks for mentioning.
The new right side image is wigging me out O:

Dude, the worst is when they give you items you don't normally get. Then you know you're booooooned.
That last panel is brilliant...she looks so alone!
March 20th, 2014
No worries, just know that I'm happy to wait while you sort things out <3
March 22nd, 2013
Assassins? I try not to guess too hard, it takes out the fun ;p

That said, it's nice to see more Sindri. Which is weird because he's obviously a jerk.
Ooh, what part of the US? :D

I love the lighting on this page.
August 12th, 2012

That doesn't sound like something she'd say at all, actually. :D
Aah best perspective ever. EPIC WALK.

The only thing distracting me is the banner, I think the animation is a bit faster on my phone.
eating eyeballs seems like a good reason to be guilty ;p

could I suggest moving the layout a bit so the comic is centered on the page? browsing feels kind of odd right now...then again my monitor is huuuuge.

edit: looks awesome now ;p