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Ah okay ya that clears it up thanks
I am so confused right now. Gave birth to Gemma? Wasn't Castalia really Gemma?
Good luck
Aww whenever this comic goes on hiatus it make me sad I can't draw >_<
This is a little too relatable right now...
Got my shirt! :P ^_^
Proof Again
Devil's Advocate
Once again here is proof that they did indeed cheat on Andy
I posted it last page but I guess I did it too late and nobody saw
Cause everyone keeps forgetting they actually did hook up and cheated on Andy here you go
I wonder once they find out what he did if they are going to let Andy go....
Last page I had a feeling it was going to be something like this on the update.....
So much yeeeeeees
@Rebecca Sugar: Oh my glob is this the real Rebecca Sugar?! =o
What a beautiful page your are so talented! :D
@TriaElf9: Thanks for clearing that up for me <3
What the heck even happened to Wendy? :/
Son of Sam is really back!!!! :D
I am still sooooo confused @_@ Dedasaur if your not too busy please explain?
I really don't like this art style as much as the other ones.
I loved every second of these 5 years thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of art!
Man we missed the wedding and everything :(