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So much yeeeeeees
@Rebecca Sugar: Oh my glob is this the real Rebecca Sugar?! =o
What a beautiful page your are so talented! :D
@TriaElf9: Thanks for clearing that up for me <3
What the heck even happened to Wendy? :/
Son of Sam is really back!!!! :D
I am still sooooo confused @_@ Dedasaur if your not too busy please explain?
I really don't like this art style as much as the other ones.
I loved every second of these 5 years thank you so much for such a beautiful piece of art!
Man we missed the wedding and everything :(
So they did sleep together? :/
@MilkyTea: It's kind of funny cause he ended up getting her first kiss
@MilkyTea: At least I'm not the only to find it strange....
@Takeshre: But she seems to be okay with it...
I keep reading the kissing scene over and over but I just feel lost. Do did they go from her agreeing to give him her first child to sexy time? Was part of the deal that she had to have his child and if so how did I miss that? :P
Oh no well that didn't sound like he is alive! :O
Hooray thank you so much! :D
Omg I just realize how sad this whole scene is D':