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My character is cute, adorable, and serious about global warming.
WIP sprites:

Amy Rose for "Amy With a New Look" (Confirmed and incomplete sprites)

SuperSaiyanKirby's New Look (Confirmed and incomplete sprites)

ToonamiFan's New Sprites (Unconfirmed and incomplete sprites)

Vlad the Hedgehog's New Look (requested from Vlad the Hedgehog) (Confirmed and incomplete sprites)

SuperSaiyanKirby the Fox (Confirmed and incomplete sprites)

Meta-Tails (Unconfirmed and incomplete sprites)
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To Courtroom B at 9:30!
For 1: I can think of a good plot! Amy and Tikal try to hide from Chaos Knuckles.

For 2: on Another Freaking Comic 2.0, I made a Kirby fanart. If you except it for art, then I can make some art.
Why would you think it was a movie?
Why, why did this had to happen. *sad puppy face*
What is going on here? I've been gone for sometime (probably because I'm just too lazy to log in), but this IS still MADness.
I made this fanart of Kirby!
This is madness! And this must be the biggest Zonow comment chatty-thingy ever!

The crack, it grows.
Chaos Knuckles is evil! EVIIILLLL!!!!!!!!
That's Chaos Knuckles from the Archie Comics.

Angry black man face powers, activating!
I is a captain.
What could they be bringing back?

A dead villain?

P.S. I'll stop making those stupid emotion type-things. (Example: No more :3!)
Zonow should have just taken a bus.
They have Kirbys!

EDIT: I cameo, okays?:
The cat was epic on panel 2.
Poor Phineas.