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im nice most of the time.. i can draw..and really good at making friends.. and im funny.. i guess..oh and i use periods a lot...
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i bet if you look reallllyyyy deep into ur soul... ur a perv... Join us.....
Go luffy!!

Wait thats not luffy?

Aw screw this!
+ fave
um how do you smudge in
March 13th, 2011
this is a really good comic + Fave
sprites ive been working on
hey rage can you make me an avater?
damn this is a good comic... ill fave
peer pressure!!!!
you know... if you close your eyes, you can be there right now.. try it
and she is number 4...
you can do a tutorial on effects in general... like shooting a beam or kamehameha or something like that or even ice effects... yea ice would be good..
i second the fire effects
how about a tutorial for effcts in general.. and how to make them look realistic and betta
Dude you are a legend