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I think I'm in love with Sean. Seriously. I just love him.
Ofc Jaspers first instinct is to nicely and bluntly say that he could kill him. xD
when you coming back? D:
Tabbys facial expression in the 5th panel is just amazing. seriously. I love it.

lol and also, if you cover up half of her face it looks like she has an evil plan, and on the other side she just looks pissed the f off.

Seriously. I love it. A Lot.
omg he's so cute...I might actually die because of the cuteness.
@Blue Kitty: Well, I mean, the action was a big douchy act itself, but then the fact that he is so smug and almost like happy about it ...FDBJkdsfSHKLDĂ– (this is me right now)

Although he is a great character, and even though it's about Regina, I kind of want to know more about him and his thoughts.... just so I can find out if he was born a douche or became one... (A)
Shut your friggin gob. That did not just happen.....

The douche alert went of from the first time he made an apperance in this comic but come on :O WOW.... douchebag..
@Blue Kitty: ohoo.. I can't wait! I am almost a bit scared to find out though haha!
I can't take this suspense. When will we really find out about that dudes story?
October 10th, 2013
Considering that you update every single day, I don't think that 10 days is that much of you to ask for! ;)
Rest a lot now these 10 days and reload your batteries! :) <3
I am so nervous right now...
I feel a need to quote Friends when i read "you cried after watching that ship wreck movie"..xD
@Blue Kitty: That's good! :) cause honestly, when i'm on a roll I have a hard time to stop haha!
ahhhw (A)
haha then i can keep on reading and feel safe while doing so! that's awesome! :D
(I seriously need to stop watching movies etc. that fucks me up mentally. I watched so many scary thrillers this week.. it's ridiculous. xD )

hahaha! well then i should get straight to it! I probably will never get these super magic powers. but why not try? x)
@Blue Kitty: and i love your reply a little too much also.. (yeah, i am never gonna stop with this now...)

Seriously though, what is his deal? I really am curious and if i had magic powers i would probably make you update this comic 10 times a day so i could find out faster haha! (it's at moments like these that i hate it when i find a comic before it's finnished.. but also.. i do love waiting for pages so its a love hate thing...)

i just have to ask... you're not gonna go all Shutter Island on me, are you?

You know when you actually think you got a somewhat grip of what is going on, but then it's just like BAM and then you dont understand shit and you end standing there looking like a fool while trying to put the peices together..

In this case "BAM" means that you just flip it around and make Regina the actual evil villian in this comic. (i think i would cry if that happened)

Sorry, this comment is so long and almost a bit disturbing.. i just can't help myself. xD
My comment title sais it all. I love it. almost too much!

i am so confused about this Cole-guy though, i get who he is and all... but what is his deal? i dont like him. not one bit. ....

Weeeeell this can't be good.....

Btw. i just ralised something...i ALWAYS...imagine their way of talking in brittish.......