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i will stay up super late just to read manga/comics =DDD

my undeniable love for them <3
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lol, poor him D:

first.... ;D
Oh em GEE
yvette's so coool *o*
you're ....back O: !!!
awwww Jun and Shichi , i missed them
omg you back D: T__T

~ lol O: what's wrong with the icebreaker O:
O.O lol, that's kinda awkward...
OMG AJLFKAS D; yvette!!
but pretty weapon ;D
i wouldn't choose the president either..... >.>
D: awww, Poor Ruya
lol, really? O: I look really closely next time i see i see them together...(too lazy to go back to the pages...O.O')
O: It's Ruya with her flower power =D
they look soo alike *o*
i know who it is! O:
...what? O.O
January 28th, 2012
woah O:
pretty!! ;D
no way! this will not be the end D<
I will wait =D lol