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I have the hopes and dreams of making a living off my work!:)
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Dice wants to stay...
Page 100
There are now 100 pages of this comic!
@porph: She was really into the moment!^^;;
It's almost finished!
Just thought I'd mention here that we are getting closer and closer to the end of this comic!
Never mistreat your heart...
@TotemSP2: Will she survive without it? who knows!
Where did it go...?
It's too Heavy for her heart!;;
Hello everyone! I know it's been a while but Updates should be back! Its been a real busy past few weeks and it still kinda is but I think i can manage updates again! there was also the fact that I didn't really have internet. I still don't,I'm actually using a hotspot my dad gave me but it seems to work which is good! for now Updates will be once a week on Thursdays until I'm able to go back doing 2 updates a week! thanks for being patient!^^
Hey guy's for now I'm just going to return to one update a week until I officially move out and finally settle in to my new place! So there will only be 1 update this week unfortunately...

there might be a chance to that my internet may go out for a bit once I move so if there is no update for whatever reason that would probably be the case! I'll resume updates though once I can get it back up again though!^^
Hello everyone! just letting you know that there may only be one update this week as well since I'm still moving out!
Hey guys! just letting you know I"ll be too busy this week to have an update on Thursday so there's only 1 update this week!
I'm really sorry everyone! I keep forgetting to update here! I'll really try to remember;;
It's a 2 page update today!^^
It's the end of the movie...
Sorry everyone! Spiral of Nightmares is still being updated! I just keep forgetting to update here! I'll try to remember!^^;