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I have the hopes and dreams of making a living off my work!:)
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Hi guys! Updates are back again!( And Hopefully They'll be consistent from here on out again!;;)
Hi guys sorry! I forgot to mention last week that there wasn't going to be an update sorry about that! But updates are back!
Oh sorry I forgot to mention here that the Hoopty Short updates at 3pm Sunday's for now!
Sorry Had to update the page at 3pm today since I didn't have too much time to work on it yesterday!
You can't forget your guitar!
She's here! Full of confidence!
We are back with updates! Reminder also that Sunday's are the new update days!
Update has moved!
Hi everyone! The Hoopty Short is back with updates this week! we will continue where we left off with Rookies Transformation! Updates though are no longer on Thursday but Sunday now! So till then!
On Break
Hi everyone! The Hoopty Short will be on break for 4 weeks since I'll be going on vacation with my family in the Philippines! Once I'm back updates will of course continue to resume! But as for now, I hope you'll be okay with waiting! I know it's a bit of an awkward stop in the middle of Rookie's transformation but I didn't have enough pages to complete before my break which I hope is fine! Until then though, I hope you can wait! And are still interested haha
@TotemSP2: oh! that's not her actual hair color though! It's part of of her transformation!^^ I probably should make her hair flicker colors or something!
@TotemSP2: Yeah! You're facing her at 100%!^^
@TotemSP2: Seems like it be something super useful haha!
Dice wants to stay...
Page 100
There are now 100 pages of this comic!
@porph: She was really into the moment!^^;;
It's almost finished!
Just thought I'd mention here that we are getting closer and closer to the end of this comic!
Never mistreat your heart...
@TotemSP2: Will she survive without it? who knows!