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I went back to the start of the chapter to look at what Wallis was wearing and during most of the chapter he's wearing red but it on a couple pages his clothes turn white instead, before changing back to red

Is he consciously changing the colour of his clothing, or does he not notice?
Or is the person colouring the pages accidentally miss Wallis and forget to colour him completely in?
Good gracious me. That is a severe reaction. Makes me really wanna know what happened in the past for Sans to freak out that badly.
1 North Carolina

2 Miyavi x Kai (Miyavi and The Gazette)
@ Ryoujoku Its been too long since I've come across someone into Gazette too.

3 Honestly, IDEK xD
Okay so I had originally began reading this so very long ago. I dunno why I stopped cause damn. I found it again just yesterday and have binge read all the way up to this point and I'm all like OMG love this so much! There are so many things that I can't wait to see/find out.

For one, what the heck is Assistant's name? I know it starts with an R. It's bugging me to find out..

Two, the damn nice sketches you have done for Wallis, Cakegirl, Purple and Indigo, I really want one of Harold. Wallis and Purple are too yummy I just know Harold has got to be too.

Three, Purple and Wallis~? Really now~? Yes girl I definitely want more on that topic in general. <3

I've gone on way too much...

TL:DR I love what you're doing, keep up the great work and I happily await more. <3
Just thought I should point out that in the last panel, first bubble, you have a typo.

'But you haven't beent he same'

I should be: 'But you haven't been the same'

Other than that, Gosh I still can't get over how gorgeous Cat looks in that dress. God it makes her so shapely. I love it.

Chris honey, you know she's right. Listen to the woman!
November 8th, 2013
@The cat among women: Rhea is actually a rat. You were close with thinking mouse.
Yes, that's right! It's about dang time you stick up for yourself!!
August 2nd, 2013
Sheil, You're fine and your pages are great. Just concentrate on your life; we won't fault you it. It's important and that's important to us.

Oh by the way, I literately just screamed. I'm so glad that my family currently isn't in the house. lol
July 20th, 2013
You missed a part of Rhea's hair when colouring panel 2. Thought to let you know.

AWWWWW! So sweet! Ship really is sailing all on it's own! About dang time! <3 <3
@Calipso12345: I'm right there with you Cali. I am so excited! <3
Love how the roomie is totally giggling there in the background. xD
June 21st, 2013
@Quadrant: You're right. That isn't Anrai. I looked back at the previous pages and it definitely is on the other side for Anrai.
June 20th, 2013
@richan222: I think you should go back and reread hun. Kleio makes it VERY obvious to Aison that he is male. lol
I totally agree with you Ayna. I can't help but be amused with the wiggle wiggle panel~ lol
@Quadrant: Hi Quad~ :D
Well, well~ Now who is this cutie? Can I take him home with me?
Now that I think about it... The doctors words are an oxymoron... The trauma was severe but only caused a mild brain injury? Where does that make any sense?
Shut up and Kiss!
Little Wallis in the picture in the background is cute~ <3
Haruhi looks so pretty in that last panel~
But seriously Rei... You aren't helping matters. You think that trying to help Haruhi will get him to grow closer to you... nah. You're only going to push her further away...