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thanks to @pikacha101 for helping me with the dialogues<3<3 you are such a sweetypie<3 thanks<3

@tangyskittles: nah, i think that even if he could see the aura, he would not know what it is about or something lol
@molavia: you made me blush because you are always saying how cute i draw eyes and stuff u/v/u<3
@iamwhoiam2: hheh im glad you are happy with my story<3
@anonymous: heheh no it isnt =P there was a Human!Perry/DoctorD doujin in here too (and that was what made me wanna do this doujin too) but the author took it out of here, i think she had some personal problemes or something, thats sad because her art and ideas where awesome =(
@samanthasdog1231: heheheh yes he is! the is the cutest thing ever heheheh<3<3<3<3
@|-Himitsu-|: He is a pretty guy hehehe *wonk
@tangyskittles: But he can't stop it D:! its part of him (?)
@lynxcatdes: Thank you for the help!<3<3<3
@molavia: oh my! you always make me blush u/v/u<3 thanks!
@And to that last person who commented "Hussie" in anon, im so glad you noticed! *u*! i have a gift for you ;D! just send me your mail so we can talk<3<3<3

Sorry for the hiatus guys D;! i didnt mean to u.u
this is so perfect oh my <3<3<3<3 *blush*
@lynxcatdes: OH MY GOD! SHAME ON ME ;;Uu im sorry! as you can see, my english is really bad! D;! thank you for the help! and feel free to do it again if you see grammar mistakes in the future! THANK YOU! <3<3 i edited it already!
why am i so lazyyyyy? whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

@tangyskittles: ohohoh yes, it is a trap lol! (?)
@molavia: ahahah i think he doesn't? heheh and im glad you thinkg the third panel is cute *3* tnx~~
Sorry for the almost three weeks lateness vjgfnjvcndkj SHAME ON MEEEEE ;3;

@BananaMuffinPop: Yessss lol! perry is super cute! *3*
@tangyskittles: I want that charm too! is so cute X33
@ninetailedfoxdemon88: rly?! LOL! I DIDN'T KNOW! (because i dont play videogames lol) its true! lol thats awesome ahahahha
@molavia: Hahahah yes! i want a perry charm too X3 and about the valentine Ferb lol i wanna do the Phineas and Jeremy ones lol (i dont care if SV is over!!) are you sick too? i have infected throat, i was in bed for like four days (since saturday) lol best valentine ever(??????) XD i hope you get better
lol! later today im going to give you the next page xD i promise lol! sorry for the lateness ;3;!
Sorry for the lateness ;A;! vjgdhfnjkesd im really sorry! and i may be late next week too because im in exams in the university ú.u

@TANGYSKITTLES: Ferb's happy aura can really kill someone lol!
almost 60 fans!<3<3<3
oh guyssssss<3<3<3<3 i love you all~ tehehe<3

@tangyskittles: lol yes! he just need to stare at someone and BAM! magic~ lololololol
@molavia: ahahahah ferb eyes are so mysterious~ but.... that is the nice thing about it~~
flash back timeeee
Remember when i used to update on fridays? oh good days lol sorry for the lateness those backgrounds just kill me everytime :/ fff

@molavia: awww thanks <3 i have been thinking about making them a little more detailed but i dont know X3 haha
@lynxcatdes: ahahahh yeah XD
@tangyskittles: yaoi is good in any day of the year -w-b
t.that shop...
someday I will die while drawing that shop.... OTL

Happy new year people! and thank you so much for following my doujin! ;u; you make me so happy!!! love you all!!! >3< chuuuu~

@tangyskittles: ohohoho yes he does XD belated merry christmass and happy new year ;D
@pikacha101: I am the pedo one! im 20 lol
@molavia: Yeah~ not anymore fufufu belated merry christmas and happy new year X3 and thanks ;u; that makes me feel better<3
@lynxcatdes: I LOVE his non-emotional faces! he looks so cute, right? XD
.... i almost die during this one x_x so... much... background.... *dies* i am sorry for the lateness guys D:

@molavia: omg! be careful next time O: its not nice to get hurt (i almost die for something like that this year XD well.. not die... just... my face would be the injured one XD thanks god nothing happened xD)
Chapter 01
Finally!!! chapter one is here ;D! i will update the first page tomorrow :D

@PyroPhoenix: My comment virginity!! you have to take responsability! e//é (?) lol joke... awww thanks! ferb is so handsome~~

@molavia: Yes! he is super sweet! X33

@tangyskittles: lol!!! everytime ferb sees Jeremy, he has those shoujo effects ;D that shows how much he loves him ;D ohohohoh
ffff LAST PAGE! FINALLY :'D next week (or before? i dont know XD) the chapter ONE will start ;D Thank you for the comments and everything! X3

@tangyskittles: lololol yes, super effective ;D there are ferb's reactions... maybe they are a little too much? im not sure |D but he looks cute lol

@lynxcatdes: awww you do? that makes me so happy x3! thank you! and there are ferb's reactions enjoy XD

@molavia: Here is a real blablabla ;D lol sadly from now on there will not be a lot of candace D: but it was fun to draw her X3

There is Ferb~
why am i so lazy with the backgrounds? :/ ffff anyway! THERE IS FERB! X33!!! he is super cute! isn't he?~~

@tangyskittles: In fact... Jeremy is prettier than any woman (?)
@molavia: hohoho he will ;D we just need to wait a little longer ;D

THANK YOU ALL FOR THE SUPORT AND FOR THE 45 FANS! that makes me really happy ;u; <3
what is background? lol! ok cofcof almost done! two more pages to finish chapter 0 ;D

@PyroPhoenix: Thank you<3
@lynxcatdes: Thanks! and here is the new page<3
@tangyskittles: Thanks :D
@molavia: awww thanks, i love drawing eyes X3 hehe
happy b-day to me lol
i was so lazy with the previous page XD im sorry guys, so i color this one a little more ;)

So! today is my birthday ;D (decembre 3th, im mexican, here is still decembre 3th 9u9~) 20 years oh dear god fff

@tangyskittles: He cant stop it! thats who he is D:! (?)
@Molavia: heheh tnx and about the chocolade i dont know lol
four more pages to finish chapter 0 and start with the real thing!! :) thank you for the 38 fans guys!

@molavia: Yes! those two are pure awesomeness!!! thanks for the comment X3
lol! this one is so empty :'D! just 5 more pages and the chapter 1 will start!

@lynxcatdes: OMG thank you! that make me so happy ;u;! if you wanna see some fanarts you can go to my DA account :) (the link is in my profile) Thanks for reading! :D
maybe tomorrow i will update another page! thank you to all of you who faved my comic! :')

im bad at backgrounds :/ fff sorry for that lol