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They should soo sleep in the same bed it would be sooo cute
I hope u have a great time off but don't stay too long we will be here waiting for new material it will be amazing I just know it :)
Doesn't it look like there should be one of those "cha-ching" sounds not like money but when an anime character gets that certain glare in thier eye. Then they laugh evily... ':/
Basketball :D
i am so very sry! i hope he/she makes it :)
lol mamaluigi totally
thats where sinner dude and the other guy were O.O
haru u r truely amazing
yyyaaaaayyyy a post i love this so far so u need to make them faster!!!!
WWWAAAHHH!!! whats going OOOONNNNN?!?!?! is that the the friend and the main girls neko? or.... idk im sooo confused
u r a great artist and ur english is perfectly fine. i mean there might b few rly minute details but nothing that would give away that english isnt ur first language. and the details only an english major or a geek would pick up on :) keep writing