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Hi! My name is Megumi!
I am the author of these here works.
I'm 15, short, and I have medium length red hair and green eyes, with huge, nerdy glasses.
My personality is optimistic, energetic, and mildly ADD. I love cats, scary stories, yaoi, and ribbons. I hate getting lost in Wal-Mart. And my biggest fault is that I'm very cheap, but when I actually spend money, it's on something stupid like chapstick or gum.
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To Romy
Yeah. There was a trap set to where if he stepped on it, he woulod be sent into Hatter's world. It all gets explained in time, though. Sorry. XD
And then Lulu would say "Mukyuu~! <3"
And Ochi would be very very unhappy. lol
I know, right! XDD
And Ruka!
Name: Ruka "Lulu" Kumajirou

Age: 15

Height: 5'5"

Species: Human

Orientation: Straight

Personality: Happy, cute, and innocent, but sometimes is just creepy and homicidal-ish

Hair color: Blonde and pink

Eye color: Green

Year: 1

~Loves cooking
~Has a fascination towards scalpels
~Would never REALLY hurt ANYONE she loves, even though she's stabbed Ochi before... o.o
~Calls Ochi 'Brother' and says 'Mukyuuu' a lot

Name: Ochita "Ochi" 7

Age: 30 (looks 15)

Height: 5'6"

Species: Chimera (neko)

Orientation: Likes mostly guys, with the exception of Ruka

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Gold

Fur color: Black

Personality: Loud, brash, arrogant, lazy, rude

Year: 1

~He was created as a friend and protector for Ruka by her scientist father
~His name means "fail"
~He loves tomatoes and hates being called short
Ummmm... So... How do I post? :D
I'm making a voice drama!!

Characters needed:

Kite, Hagane, Anne, Chishio.
Oh noooo! Mitsu dropped it....

Apparently, Chishio's fangirls LOVE brotherly love.... Several characters made cameos. Guess who....
11 when Meowth's 24?!! XD

Ohhh, and look at Psyduck..... Drunk fool! XD
Voltorb's worse than the Grudge!! XD
Meowth seems very familiar... OH YES! It's ME talking about Pika! XD
Baby Voltorb made me ROFL!
Meowth is CUUUTE!!!
And LOL, Voltorb....
'Kay. Now I'm a PIKA FANGIRL!!! XD
...........*bungee drools* Psyyyyduuuckkkk....
Psyduck looks like Gakupo from Vocaloid.... XD
For a pokemon that doesn't do much..... DAMN. o.o
Awww.... That's so sweeet....
YAY!! Pika is SOOO CUTE!! XD