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I'm a comic drawing fool.
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Back for the summer! Time to get back into the groove of things with Love Deaf.

Thanks to everyone for all the comments and support!!!!
God, I'm really sorry for the long absence. I had to work during Thanksgiving and then it was just insanity. After that, I sort of took some time off to pull myself together. But I've recovered and ready to crank out pages this week! When school starts again, who knows, but we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

To all who still plan on keeping up, you deserve ALL the awards <3 <3 and I love you.
October 21st, 2012
I wish it didn't have to be like this, but it is. ;-; College is too much! "Reason I'm Sleep Deprived" acronym is right. Just know that once I get some room to breathe, I'll be back. I promise!!!!WAITFORMEEEEE
A little worried about getting enough time to update pages, but the first few weeks are supposedly slow, so it should be okay.
August 26th, 2012
@DCEsRedStar Do you mean the lyric entries? Look in the top left corner - I've got 'em posted as links "lyric entries" and "lyric entries pt.2"
August 16th, 2012
WHOO! Haven't seen the last of Matt.

I'm back in the states! Air conditioning, wide streets, 100% orange juice, ahh~
My laptop actually broke down on the airplane. It was really scary. I got it fixed, but I had to re-download EVERYTHING. Screentones, brushes, the works. xD
August 11th, 2012
wh00ps missed my five-day mark!

Have a nice day!
@karasuko He was just using the expression. The expressioonnn...
HAHA updating from Taiwan~~~!! IDK if it's still Sunday in America or whatever. Updating now because I don't know when I'll get internet again. wh00t

And also my computer crashed on the airplane so I'm super paranoid now. Happy(or unhappy) August, everyone!!
Okay, so I'll be in Taiwan for the next two weeks visiting relatives, so updates miiiiight be irregular. I'll try to keep posting every 4-5 days.

ALSO! I just realized that Love Deaf has been going on for almost TWO YEARS NOW! holy crap, I started this when I was 15. that explains a lot of weird drawings and plot things. -shudders-
I was planning on holding off updates til tomorrow, but oh wells. I wanna get through as much of the plot as possible this summer. >:]

On another note, after a frustrating battle with HTML, I finally put up the lyric competition submissions! Check them out on the left side under Lyric entries pt.1 & 2!
lol Just 'cause they kissed doesn't mean everything's rainbows and sunshine now.
I'll be giving pretty frequent updates in the next few days. Look forward to it! ;)
@kuroi_hitsuji oooh damn you're right. Wowee I've been getting sloppy lately xDD I'll fix it right up.
So a lot of people have been asking about the melody for Mika's song. xD I don't really play anything except classical, so if anyone out there wants to give it a whirl, that would be totally amazing.
THAT'S RIGHT!!!! After pestering a bunch of my friends, everyone seemed to agree on one particular lyric.
Drum roll please! badadadaada...
the winner of Mika's Song Lyric Contest is LADYLOVER!!!!!!

Love Deaf

Out of ideas and out of time
Can’t hear the notes, and I can’t think the rhyme
Because without you
There’s no music in life

Jumping the tracks and missing the chords
Nothing seems right without you anymore
Yet once you
Made it all seem alright

Guess I’m not all cut out
When my heart’s screaming out

Call me love deaf,
I can’t hear the words without your name
Surrounding my head and my heart
I fall apart and go insane
Call me love deaf
I’m lost and I don’t have the rhythm
To sew me back once more
Can’t hear anymore so call me insane
And call me love deaf

Heard you found love with some older friend
Now the music and I can’t amend
The way we did
When you were around

I turn my head when I hear your name
Nothing has ever felt the same
Since my eyes
Met the perfection of yours

Guess I’m just broken man
But my heart’s screaming out for you again

Call me love deaf,
I can’t hear the words without your name
Surrounding my head and my heart
I fall apart and go insane
Call me love deaf
I’m lost and I don’t have the rhythm
To sew me back once more
Can’t hear anymore so call me insane
And call me love deaf

Yeah call me love deaf
I guess I'm love deaf
Love deaf

It was definitely a hard, very close decision. Here are the runner-ups:

:D Thanks to everyone who participated!!!! I'll definitely find a way to display all the entries. Love Deaf really has awesome fans. ; U ; <3 Perhaps if Mika needs more songs later, I might pick from the fantastic list of runner ups!
ANNOUNCEMENT! I'm extending the lyrics deadline to the 14th, so you can expect a page update on the 15th ALONG with the contest winner!!!! It gives me more time to prepare and evenly space updates.
So submit your entry if you haven't already! :D
OMG I cannot believe how many submissions I've already gotten for the contest. ;___; I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH ABUBUBUBU AND THEY'RE ALL SO GOOD, TOO. Picking the winner is going to be very very VERY hard.

I was only expecting like 3 or 4 entries, totally ready to have Mika singing Elton John's "I Want Love," (LOL) so this really blew me away.
Can you imagine though? Mika being like Robert Downey Jr. in a music video walking around, lip syncing, and acting totally heartbroken? xDD ature=mh_lolz
Seriously, thank you guys SO much. These are fantastic, and I love the thought put into them. I've even had people submitting actual tunes. Might have to pick a 2nd, 3rd.. 15th place. Hopefully I can get a page up to display all of them! So... KEEP'EM COMING!!
@bluswordgrl Haha, nope! Same photoshop. Maybe it's because I haven't used my tablet in a while and am just getting back to regular use. xD