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I've been spriting since 1998. Around my 8th year of spriting I decided to get into making some real decent looking sprite comics. Beside Sprite Comics and spriting, I draw too. I also am into animation.
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    Yehoshua Flores
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I am Disapoint.
My comment got deleted, (probably because I'm from the Middle Ground, or because I actually try to help people sprite), but I won't re-comment what I said earlier.
The sandvich is full of DE- wait..

I think we all are gonna assume Period TIEM.
That's hilarious.
They really are idiots.
Part Three
This is the third comic in the saga and whatknot.
Make it Rain
Part two of three.
Oh, did I forget to mention at The Spriter's Zone we have monthly contests that give out video game prizes?
The Spriter's Zone
The Spriter's Zone is a forum on the internet where spriters and various artists get together and share their knowledge of spriting.

This comic is writen by RaveDuck, a supermod on the forum. All characters pictured are real forum users and the events are usually based on fun everyday happenings.

You might ask "Why are you uploading this then"? TSZ is my forum, and RaveDuck wanted me to upload these comics here.

Come join us! m/forum/index.php
Boobs: They change everything.
Gonna be the first to say it-
..The thing in panel one kinda looks like a tit with a hard nipple... Epic.
I remember this one.
Nicely done.
Oh dear God-
Priceless!! XD
It still looks pretty good. Very good, actually.

But yeah, it's not 8-Bit.
It looks pretty good, it brings back plenty of good memories.

You did a great job, 'mate.
That's a damn good sidewalk
I made the sidewalk.
I think it looks pretty sidewalky.
And the brick layout by Yamataro looks awesome.
It looks pretty fine to me. The shading is solid- except for the wrist part. You could try changing it to a different color or try changing her skin color into something darker like Rouge the Bat's skin.

Also, her boobs look like rouge since they're close to her face that way. Most people draw boobs like that to show that they are very huge, which is why the pose looks fine.
It looks pretty fine to me. The shading is solid and the name sounds nice.

And what's with the nutjob who said 'American' ones? Does he mean 'English'?
There is no language called 'America', but if it's anything like America then it consists of just about every word in any language 'cause America has a bit of every culture in it.

As to what Temps said, I doubt it'll work for this character.

I'm the first one mentioned in his comic so you all can suck my Ban Hammer.
*does a Jew dance*

I reeeeaaallly doubt I'ma get in, I doubt there ever was, or will be, a Jew in the WST.