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Political junkie; avid reader; anime/manga noob > Shounen-ai/yaoi preferred; Sci/Fi Junkie; connoisseur of all things sweet; horse lover; cat lover; dog lover; writer; procrastinator extraordinaire; science geek wanna be; motorcycle and scooter lover; Racer X in a beater; ALL TALK, no action.
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    Elle E'Trois
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POV = cool
The POV from above is amazing!
Take care and have fun.
It's all stunning. But the circle w/ the light, so lovely.
OMG. You are TALENTED. Just the perspective, looking down on the scene, is so perfect.

The colors, the characters...amazing.

I hope you publish and sell at cons.
It ended on a fight, too. Sad Andie Panda is sadder.

That said, it was beautiful. The artwork, the story, the fort, the flowers.
I was startled how easily they took human lives.
Lovely art. If II could art, I'd wish I could copy your style.

I'm fascinated by the story and look forward to what's ahead.
Genius. It needs to be a flag.

Liking the story so far and the art is adorable.
I wanna throat punch cancer
I just held my adopted brother as he breathed his last. Another friend now has lung cancer too. I lost a co-worker last year. A few years ago another co-worker and friend. And just before that an instant friend. And a few years before that, a friend I worked on a breast cancer newsletter with finally succumbed. I want Biden's cancer moonshot to work. I'm tired of cancer winning.

I appreciate your story. The bluntness and the pain rings so true. I know cancer must have touched your life as well. I hope you and yours can live long and well.
The art is stunning. I love water colors. But it seems so difficult to work with.

Stunning. Comic purveyors need to contract with you yesterday.
I met Steve only a short while ago. Still, he had a big impact on me. I shall never be the same without him. -Niko
July 17th, 2016
The sunset is reallyeautiful.
This page is pure poetry. Not often does a reader find the age old Bristle Cone Pine and single day lifetime Mayfly mentioned.
His anguish is palpable.
I like is as a stained glass window intro.
Whoa! That escalated
I'm glad you plan to redraw this page. The scene threw me completely out.

The weapon, firing the shot on the street and not expecting an immediate response, a weapon out in the open where any nosy neighbor could see it, escalation to a weapon and shooting that weapon, firing a shot so close to someone's head.

All of that makes the character pretty nonredeemable in my eyes at that point.

A knife held close to the body so nobody could see it would be more likely. Unless this is a crime ridden, gang and high drug activity neighborhood. And then, I'd drive my kids to school.

Sorry to go on, but my willing suspension of disbelief got kicked in the groin.
The pain in his face made me cry.
April 18th, 2016
Gah! Makes me miss eventing and cross country. I'm old.