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I am not an artist. By no means. In fact, It would probably be better to draw stick figures. You know, so I don't embarrass myself.

But here you go, world.

I am a mother of a three year old, a wife, a sister, yadda, yadda, yadda.

I do not enjoy long walks on the beach. I don't like walking farther than what takes me to my coffee pot. I have no life. I'm pretty much broke.

Enough about me... Let's talk about me.
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    Natascha Hay
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So I wanted to add my best friend Tracey to the strip as a regular character, and we started to discuss it.

She asked that I not inclue her "huge nose", "concave boobies", or "giant ass".

So I decided that I would vamp her up.

We are both very proud of that hair. Haha.
I kinda like the scratchy look.
Maybe I'm trying to make up for not updating by updating more than once. The low quality Irritates me. I really should work harder on actually TRYING to draw, instead of scratching something out in my half-sleeping caffienated state.
I enjoy your comic greatly so far, and can't wait to see all the fanart. I would love to submit, but... ~snerk~ I wouldn't do that to your beautiful characters. I'm content to drool over your awesomeness.
I am so lazy.
I haven't updated in a long time. So sue me.

In case you didn't know... That's a dog. My dog. Bug eyes and all. He stares at me in the bathroom door. I don't really leave it open that much... Just a crack so I can be ready at a moment's notice to apprehend my son's shenanigans before they turn into catastrophes.

But always, the dog slips in, and stares at me. Just... stares.
This reminds me of my dog. Ony cooler. Maybe I should make mine start smoking.
I was right. Illustrator makes my lines look better. Almost like a non-crackhead drew it! YAY NON-CRACK!
Yes. Yes, this happened. Bacon hurts so yummy.
Marry me, and we shall make babies of epicness.

And then I will divorce you and take half your money and the kids.

Or sell them to gypsies. I'm not sure yet.
Just found this, and already an avid reader!