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I spill cereal all over myself and consider myself an artist in the process
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@Drakanor Dream: I'm judging you anyway! -glare-
how do you guys still put up with me? You are way too patient with me.
I don't feel like drawing anymore since I started university (mainly because I have no time for it anymore) and I finished the story in my head and that's why I don't even feel like continuing it.. because it's already over in my head.
If you feel like knowing the story, you can just message me and I'll tell you the whole deal :)
(only covered in schoolwork)
Sorry for the shittiest page ever, this has been open for 2 months now and I never got around to do a succesfull colouring so I just fucking threw the colours at it
I'm so fucking sorry but I needed to get over this fucking artblock so I can finally continue the comic
(Ps: I've had finals that's why I have also been so absent)
"I'm melting, but goddammit I'm looking cute"
after a great cover, we have this shitty page
been so very excited to show this cover to you, I'm so proud of it!!
@LunaMagi: I left it like that on purpose, because of the shadoweffect :)
@Almightyra: much rebel
h-how did I finish a page in 2 hours...
btw: going to go on a small hiatus so I can focus on my schoolwork more
Inspiration is draw from the time my parents send me to camp without my consent
@Guest: could have been! Haha! Probably was like "dude, you really have to do your homework!"
@rmo33: I save the file after every brush stroke... EVERY. SINGLE. ONE!
I felt pretty motivated to start on another page early and I just wanted to update :)
I really should focus on university!
and this chapter is soon over, ... maybe 3-4 more pages?

@rmo33: nope this was the first time ever!
after 5 hours of work I had a bluescreen and I cried.
I'm so sorry that it took so long! I swear to god, university is keeping me so pre-occupied! I'm trying my hardest!
@Almightyra: Thanks? :D
university is keeping me busy. I'm trying my best to barf up a page a week