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I graduated in 2008 at the High School for Art Utrecht (HKU) with a masters degree in Animation. Currently I work both as an animator and as a sequential artist designing comic books and manga. In my rare spare time I try to work on my own boys' love projects.
@potatoe1988: I suspect so, too ;)
Precious Devon. Never change.

Been a hectic two weeks again, have to hang in a little longer for the early september to complete my current work. Whenever I get around it, I get to work on my boys <3 lookin forward to september!
Hi everyone! <3 been a real busy time, but I finally managed to get this one out ^_^ Finally get to draw Eli again <3 Gotta catch a bus now! Maybe blab here later about SHENMUE kickstarter! And how everyone should back this awesome game!
Ugh... my work deadlines were especially heavy again. Had to make an allnighter like two weeks ago. Will I ever get the hang of this >~< anyway, let's hope that the next two weeks will go better for me.

Yay for a full page panel. It kinda gives me a bit of a sad vibe though, I didn't intend it like that originally, but the cracks in the floor might be a bit foreshadowing about their relationship. Come on Eli, get home in time and make amends!

BTW: today I bought a new brush set from KYLE over at gumroad. It's a cross hatching set, really awesome! (I'm a bit of a fan of his brushes, so I have other sets as well)

If anyone is interested to see more about the set, check this:
Oops! Time to hit the Customizer again! As a handsome and regular customer, he'll probably get a discount ;)
I'm rather surprised that I managed to keep most of it out of view on this page.

At Animecon I had a real cute fan-moment during my signing hours when two girls wanted to make a selfie in front of the banner of my regular comic series Ward and calling the main guy on it a hunk. Teehee. The main guy and Eli have a lot in common for me. Things like carrying around secrets and desperately wanting to be the hero. And smiling at/making bad/vain jokes. And their faces are in a way a bit similar (aside from the manga-ish vs realism thing).

BTW: shenmue kickstarter link! For old and new shenmue fans or Yakuza fans (game has great similarities)
Steam coming from my fingers >X<
After a particular heavy deadline in combination with the Dutch animecon I'm still very tired, but happy to be able to finish this page <3 temperatures are risin'!!!

Last night I even got around to playing a bit of the starfighter visual novel I backed on kickstarter. It's really, really good! Nails the vibe of the comic so well and it's real fun to get around to talking to the cast as a newcomer. I think I want to go for the new navigator at first, playing it a bit save and lateron see if I want to risk my neck and try for Abel is he's up for grabs and my favorite Praxis (if possible).

Also, I've been crying tears of joys over that finally finally finally Shenmue 3 will be made. It's one of my most beloved games ever. The kickstarter racked up over 2 million in one day. This is so epic. Been watching reaction vids to the news because I need to keep crying over this epicness. We've been waiting for 14 years. 14 YEARS. So happy.
Woah... for a minute I thought I lost this file as photoshop CC crashed while I was saving two documents at once while having lots of files open - that probably wasn't a very good idea. First time I got to see the auto recovery in action when I started it up again. The page didn't load while other open files did, so I feared the worst and thought I had to use the lowres screencap I managed to get just in time. However when I tried to load the page, it wasn't corrupted (perhaps it had just finished) so: happy day ^_^ <3
Thank you ^_^ I'm happy as well! I really missed this!
After a particular heavy deadline it's so nice to blow off some steam with my favorite fire bender <3 tempatures will be rising high at the next couple of pages <3

(also... booh, I broke the 666th comment with this ;_;)
@Ighon: Thank you dear <3 so glad to be back.
Hello dears! Since it's been so long that I've been able to work on this comic I decided that it's better to put up the sketches of this chapter and/or crude versions of the pages instead of not updating at all. I'm missing this so much.

The last two years I've been working for a comic magazine which had a high deadline pressure on me and leaving me in the few spare time too exhausted to work on my own projects. As this situation will probably continue to be like that for a while I think it might be better to give you the rest of the story in a less time consuming format, meaning rough sketches and when I've got the time a bit more crudely worked out pages with some quick screentones etc. This is a difficult decision for me as I rather make the pages as best as I can, but that only results in not finishing pages because I worry too much about them not being good enough. So I'll be trying to push that angst aside and just give you the roughs. I hope this way we can all continue to enjoy Coined, which basically should be all that really matters! <3

I've been thinking about this lately. Because of my daytime job I don't have enough time for my own projects sadly, so it might be better if I put up the sketched versions of the pages so that you can read the rest of it. Would that be okay to do even if it's just sketch?

Yes, I sadly can't find the time for my personal projects along time my work projects, so it'll will probably continue to be like this for a long while.
@wikedsinn: heheh, mission accomplished <3
@amandabrntt: I actually had some sketches of Devon paying a visit to Joe as well... XD they didn't make it into the comic back then, but I hope I find them again and finish them anyway XD