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I'm just a dude who likes to draw in his spare time. Have a couple different projects in the works, and a goal to improve, so you'll see those up here in the near-future~
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Triple update!
The first of three updates for tonight. Stick around as chapter 2 drifts to its end. :>
And that's the end of chapter 2! I'm already deep into the rough drafts of chapter 3, and have a bunch of pages with some pencilling done. See you in a few weeks when Chapter 3 of Without Eden kicks off with another triple update~~
Apologies for the delayed update, I've been busy over the last couple days and this update slipped my mind.

I'll be posting a TRIPLE UPDATE next week, as Chapter 2 comes to an end. Three updates at once!! I'll then be taking a break of a week or two, as I get cracking on the next chapter. Most of the rough pages have already been drawn up, so I' hoping to use that time to get a head start and maybe start off chapter 3 with a multi-page update, like I did for chapter 2.
Part 3 of a triple update for today.
Chapter 2 is finally here! I'm finally back to drawing pages that are enjoyble!
February 5th, 2013
I think the line's supposed to be "Things yet to come", 'cum' is something slightly different, lol...

Besides from that, fantastic work on the art. I'm really enjoying it so far!
And this page signifies the end of chapter one! A whole 2.5 years of work, finally done. Wow!

A day late because I was too lazy to set my scanner up and what-not. Had to use digital screentone for this page as I'm unfortunately out of lighter tone.
January 27th, 2013
Just found this comic and I'm loving it. Looking forward to what dangers may come!
Still been putting more work into the redrawing of the first 30 pages, hence the lack of activity.
And here's a double page spread! Finding a scanner that fits A3 was a lot harder than I had hoped. Anyway, let's try and get this show back on the road, and thanks for sticking around through my stupid hiatus.
I'm sorry, I've actually had this page finished for the last couple weeks only I wanted to post it alongside something else as well. I have a neat thing planned for Wednesday/Thursday, and starting from next week I'm gonna try and get back on my regular schedule. Thanks for putting up with my horrible laziness and I apologise.
Got a job, hence the delay. I'd ask to be excused but I'm making a living now so hey
Been busy, hence the delay.
I may or may not post another page this coming Monday. You can have this one early, though, because I like it so much and I've had it sitting around for the last few days now finished and waiting for upload. It only took me a day to sketch and ink pretty much the whole thing, and another couple hours the following day to finish off the effects.
Pretty lousy page, seeing as I've had to deal with a bunch of personal things over the last couple weeks and have not had much time to draw as a result, but I got around to drawing the next page over Sunday just passed and it's pretty much my favourite page ever [I *am* getting quicker guys, I swear].
So, I've had a really busy holiday season with little time to work, which explains the lack of detail in today's page. I'll probably return to this in the near future when I get some free time and touch things up. Hopefully I'll return to a standard rate of quality for next week's page.
Sorry for the late upload. I was out all day yesterday and it literally slipped my mind to update when I got in.
Doing speed lines by hand is a pain in the ass.
This is probably my favourite page so far.