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I like drawing comics. I have Sunshowers, Yakuza Love (a Naruto doujinshi on Deviantart), and a sketch comic in the works. I love music and sing all the time. I also write stories and fanfiction when I can, play video games, and watch anime and crime shows.

And for non-comic related questions:
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    Rachel Duvall
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Delayed due to vacation
Sorry. Completely spaced on vacation taking me out of town until like the day before I left. Then work has been a little crazy due to inventory issues. But we're back!

Want to see the updates one day early? Or just sneak peeks of upcoming art? Check out my Patreon:
Omg, it's like a regular schedule!
Okay, for those of you who didn't see the big announcement yesterday, I now have a Patreon. You can find it at If you don't know what a Patreon is, I made a little explanation comic that you can find in the unchaptered section on this comic.

Hiroshi, I'd apologize real fast if I were you. Grovel, boy, grovel.
Patreon Announcement
I got tied up with a last minute family project. But since tomorrow's an update day, and the big announcement needs to be made...

Yes, I now have a Patreon. You can check it out at
What a long wait... Work makes this page a struggle. But, the good news is I have sketched out the rest of the chapter, the next page is already inked, and commissions are being downsized (several reasons for that). But I'm sure you're just here for the art. So let me get on with the translation!

Sound Effects
Panel 1: Batan-- Crash!, Bang!

And there will be a big announcement tomorrow. I would tack it onto today's update, but I feel it deserves more than a footnote, so it will be a big separate announcement.


@Rose: Yes and no... sorry. I will try to get this more regular...

@Gnigma: ...Who knows? lol
I hate work...
And by that I mean my full time job. The money? Nice. The lack of free time? Not so much.

Sound effects:

Panel 3-- は ha: sighing

Panel 4-- カチ kachi: click, sound of a door closing

Panel 5-- ガバツ gaba!: grab, tackle, glomp


@Gnigma: Or no magic doorway. No... we shall let her get a slight break...

@DarkVampyre: It's more fun to listen to you guys conjecture though and beg for more.
And another long hiatus...
I have most of the rest of this chapter sketched... And the next chapter's storyboarded! *looks at the last page of Chapter 3 again and starts fangirling*

For you Hiroshi fans, he's going to pop up again soon!

In other news, I've opened up an art shop, The Cherry on Top, on Gaia Online if you want to commission me. (Read: help me get my portfolio together for my application.) You can also follow my tumblr, , for random sketches and other info. I'll also post special previews every time I update to let you know. I'm also working on setting up a fanpage on Facebook where you can get updates.

Now on to sound effects:
Potan: drip


@ Manga-Ka: Well... try the easiest method first, and if that fails, try your harder plans out. She's somewhat aware that this could be stupid, though.
This page had to wait until my external hard drive got fixed because my hand made plaid for her uniform is on there...

Plus... I don't know... every time I started working on it, I just got tired really quickly. I got really lazy with that store front... I just couldn't deal with it anymore.

Effects: Ta ta ta-- sound of running
Say goodbye to the gym uniforms...
And another update, despite my hard drive acting up. (I'm working on getting it fixed since all my art is on it. T^T )

But I have another page inked after this that I'll try to post sometime this or next week.

Yes, this is the last page with them in gym class.

@ Manga-Ka: True... but we'll see if Keiko lets that go. She's a stubborn one.
I am neither Asian nor weird, Eros.
I simply have a thing for tall, dark, and brooding. And Hades happens to fit that bill perfectly.
Yay! Another update! I'm doing twice the work for this lately as I'm going back and adding in the tweaked uniform design. So feel free to look back. Some of the pages are already changed.

@ Manga-Ka: Yeah, if I were Keiko, my interest in guys would be nill. But actually, it isn't just because of the marriage that she's not boy crazy. It's just her personality.

@ Gnigma: Yes... Keiko is not adulterous. Things are never simple with kitsune. lol
I've been thinking about tweaking the uniform a little bit...

Feel free to drop me a note letting me know whether you like this one or the old one better. Depending on the answer, I may go back and tweak past pages.

Also feel free to check out the Gallery page, which has lots of new goodies on it. *cough*video*cough*
I'm back! I know I was gone a while, but I feel like I'm finally going to be able to update semi-regularly. (Partly because I've sketched several pages ahead. And I've storyboarded the rest of the chapter and about half of the next.)

@ bluswordgrl: More like everybody would think she's lying. It would be awkward...

@ Shannonismyname: I'm going to do my best. I really do love these characters so I have no intention of leaving them alone.
Long break....
Sorry for the long lack of an update. My new schedule has officially kicked in so I've lost some of my free weekends and afternoons. (Working forty hours is a doozy...) I'm thinking I may disappear for a bit again so I can build up a bank of pages to post. The good news though is that I have finished the storyboard for Chapter 2 and have started Chapter 3's. So rejoice over that.

@ KiyaChan: Keiko's not the type to share. Let alone get branding as crazy for saying that a kitsune stole her away to be his bride...

@ DarkNeo: I considered that but decided it was too cliché.
Sorry for the delay...
I was... dissatisfied with the pacing/flow for this next part so I redid it at the last minute. *gets killed* What can I say? I'm a perfectionist.

I also spent several days toning this page. (Partially because one day I had the worst headache. So I got maybe... two objects toned?) But I hope all the hard work pays off.

So sound effects/other translations! Panel 1: Kin kon-- chimes for the end of class
Panel 2: onna no rokka heya-- Women's/Girls' Locker Room

And... shameless fanservice! (Yes, I wasn't kidding about Mikki's generous... tracts of land.)

@ LotusQueen: Thanks!

@ DarkNeo: Exchange student? I have no idea what you're talking about. No... no, she can't.

@ Echocave: Well... no... where would the fun be in that?
Look at that!
I actually updated when I wanted to. I'll try to keep up with updating.

And at last, I have gotten to show Keiko's best friend, Mikki. Her full name is actually Inoue Misaki, but she goes by "Mikki." Isn't she cute? And she's got quite the....endowments. I really love her flippy bangs and curly hair though, despite the pain I have inking them.

@ Andrea C.Castro: Thanks. I do my best with every page, so I'm glad it shows. I'll check it out when I have time.

@ bluswordgrl: You're already catching on to how Keiko thinks. And I did go back and add it in. I'm still getting used to including that. (I blame my issues with drawing hands.)

@ Echocave: lol No, there isn't. Not for her.

@ Gnigma: Wow, you're prepared for the drama. And sadly, she sorta does. But denial is very powerful.

@ Nakirereneetaisho: hmm... I feel like I'm jacking the tension up too high... *sweats* And yes, I'm horrible at forgetting jewelry... *points to Ino's magical necklace*

@ DarkNeo: Yes... she has that side. And what self-respecting kitsune wouldn't have something up his sleeve?
Sorry for the long wait
Finally finished this one pressing project. I'm already working on the next page, so I'll probably post it soon. I've been working on storyboards in the break, which has me well into Chapter 3.

@ LotusQueen: And more of them! Yeah, quite a few in the future too.

@ HobosAteMyLunch: That's why I love drawing them. It's the size thing. Anything small is cute.

@ kaitlynvang: Not goodbye. But he's not a main character either. He's a fun minor character.
After much delay...
I finally finished this page. I debated for several days whether I should draw the school myself. Instead, I decided for now, I would just use a tone for it... (Read: Lazy/pressed for time right now)

And Replies!

Page 9:
@ bluswordgrl: thanks! I try to keep them cute. And that video was... so much work... but so much fun. It did drain me a bit though.

@ LotusQueen: thanks!

@ Gnigma: ...You're a lot more optimistic than me about his ability to hold out. But there're other ways to win her over...

@ kaitlynvang: Hm.... a while.

@ sakurasaki92: Yup. Strange... it's almost like she's so flustered it doesn't occur to her... or maybe she just really likes that ring.

For Chinese New Year:

@ bluswordgrl: Thanks! I took like 10 hours total... but I really love the end result!

@ kncrystalmaiden: I was aware of that. It occurred to me at the end of the holiday... Besides, I'm usually not that concerned about making a holiday... so long as it's within a week, I'm fine with whenever I post it.
What I've been doing...
instead of inking the next page... So we finally see Amaya and Tatsuya appear in art again...

Since this is the year of the Dragon in the Chinese zodiac, it's very appropriate to take advantage of it to draw Tatsuya. (I'll let you guess at why ;D) Gosh, this picture has several hints about them in it...
No, it's not a new story
But it's just as important! If you've heard about SOPA and PIPA, then you should be letting your congressmen know that you are dead set against this outrageous censorship law. Sites like Deviantart would be forced to shut down under these laws.

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No, it's not Sunshowers...
But it's just as important! If you've heard about SOPA and PIPA, then you should be letting your congressmen know that you are dead set against this outrageous censorship law. Sites like Deviantart would be forced to shut down under these laws.

These laws won't stop piracy! They'll only stop creativity, innovation, and free speech! Don't stand by and let them take it from you! Speak up and let Congress know that this is an atrocity!

Join the strike: