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I dabble in the arts, mainly drawing and writing. I am genderfluid, asexual, and prefer male pronouns (but if you refer to me as "she" I don't mind).

Between 2003-2004, I created Kairo's story, first in writing, then an attempt at drawing it. I've since restarted my comic with the current version. It needed it, regardless; my 8th-grade art was not quality work. His story has gone through several reincarnations and many revisions, and I've settled on what it is now. I feel I have well-developed characters and a believable world of demons and elementals, and I'm always striving to improve my work. I hope you enjoy reading it!
Apologies for the unexplained hiatus (again). There are two pages a week for the next three weeks to make up for it. I have two inked pages and about six sketches to work on, so hopefully I will have more pages to update after that.
I'm trying to do more backgrounds, like scenery and inside houses... but I'm like, I don't even get paid for this lol. And it takes longer to finish a page if I do backgrounds. I think I like to show that the setting changed, and after that, you should just assume they are still there #lazy
January 15th, 2018
Apologies for the unexplained hiatus! I thought I had more pages than I did... I had my second (and hopefully last!) surgery in December, so my belly was sore and I wasn't able to draw in my lap like I usually do. I'm doing much better and I'm returning to work this Thursday. I have about ten pages done, so I'm going to upload two per week to make up for my absence.
I was going to color the backgrounds like always but the room is all stark white, so I decided to leave it this way because I think it's more unsettling compared to the rest of the comic.
I meant to finish this but I didn't have time, and then halloween was over and I was like meh
November 8th, 2017
Wow! I managed to make it in time for a new page. I thought I was posting late.
Unfortunately....I just realized I completely forgot about doing a new chapter cover. Whoops. I was too excited about new characters and a new revelation... Any theories???? :D :D 8D Riordan's age progression was fun to draw. He looks a lot like Argo now.
September 16th, 2017
Surgery went well, I'm healing slowly but surely. I lost like ten pounds though from nausea and vomiting and having no appetite most of the time. I'm seeing a gastrologist, but so far my various doctors haven't found anything. My second surgery is sometime in October, and I finished enough pages to last me until November 1st. So I'll keep working on pages and hopefully have enough to last the rest of the year.
Yeah so like the little sketch says, I'm having surgery. I didn't finish chapter 10, but I do have six pages done, so for those weeks I can focus on recovery. ^_^
Double update since I forgot to upload last week's page. I'm so done with this week, but I still have two more work days. Thinking about taking personal leave, but then I wouldn't have any money.....
Apologies for the delay. My little sister had major surgery this week, and I went to visit her after work yesterday morning instead of scanning and uploading pages. And now I found out my best friend's mom died. And I'm going to see a doctor Tuesday to set up an appointment to see if I have the cancer that runs in my family (hence sister's preventative surgery, she's doing okay, in pain but recovering). So, YEAH. Fun times. :/ I have a bunch of pages done, though, so there will be updates for June.
In case you can't read my/Kairo's shit handwriting, his note says "Tak-- Thanks for your discretion. I got the message. Can I come by and talk to you? I don't remember how to find your place, but I can disappear to the bathroom if you're not using it. --Amerin"
I'm uploading three pages this week since I missed all of April. But I definitely prefer scanning a bunch of pages than staggering the updates every week. Plus I have four more pages, so May is taken care of, and I can focus on Phoenix Comic Con. I'll be sitting at my friend's table again :D
Sorry for disappearing, I just really hate using my old laptop and scanning a page every week, so I decided to get a bunch of pages done and then scan them all at once. I started full-time work again at a new building (same company) and I've been kinda worn out again, but in a good way I guess. It makes me exercise, lol
February 4th, 2017
Chapter nine is almost finished!!!

@Zoal: I'm.....okay, I guess. I've been struggling because of stress and anxiety, and it's been difficult to deal with. And my depression has been like, FINISH THE COMIC ALREADY SO WE CAN COMMIT SEPPUKU and I'm like noooooo ;^; I have so many chapters to do first! And I haven't been to Ireland!

Oh. Maybe I shouldn't joke about that... I really am okay, I'm just not great, lol. Plus my workplace is being totally renovated so I keep getting time off, and I have bills to pay now, ahahaha;;; And I don't know if I'll be moved to a different building (where I would be picking 40 hours/week again, with my bad knee, which went bad from picking...-_-) BUT! It would only be for seven months. So I'm trying to stay positive. Like if I do end up going, I won't have to listen to construction noises and stuff.
Facetious is one of my favorite words! :D
January 14th, 2017
oh yeah, don't touch other people's enchanted weapons, mmkay? Otherwise you're gonna have a bad time.
"Vokotsiano" is more old slang. It has six or so meanings, like "do I know you?", "I don't know you," "we are not friends," or "what the hell do you want??" Y'get the gist of it. It's not a genial greeting.
Sorry! I had to pay my car payment yesterday, so I totally forgot about uploading the comic :x but HERE IT IS :D and I finished two more pages, which I'm setting to upload automatically.
Nobody gave me any suggestions for xmas pairings, and I was busy wrapping like a thousand gifts for my siblings xmas eve (don't get me wrong, I love wrapping gifts), plus I had to finish hemming my sister's cosplay skirt I made, so all in all, I had no time for xmas pics anyway. SO. I did a nice little dinner scene instead for New Years'.

I did take the whole three days off work I was supposed to work this week, so that makes tons of time for comics! ^_^ I already have two more pages inked, and the rest of the chapter (except for the last page) is sketched. So I hope to have a nice buffer when I have to go back to work again... :T