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I like to draw. /obviousness

Between 2003-2004, I created Kairo's character because I was obsessed with Inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho (I still love Hiei). My two best friends at the time also made characters set in the same world and had similar stories, but it was difficult for me to match my version of the demon world to theirs, so I mostly wrote independently. I then started a comic about Kairo's story, and I included their characters despite the fact that our ideas rarely matched and they always had issues with how I represented their characters.

My best friends and I had a falling out in high school and don't talk anymore. One of them once threatened to sue me if I used her characters in my work, so I've since restarted my comic. (It needed it, regardless; my 8th-grade art was not quality work.)

Eventually I got to where I am now. I feel I have well-developed characters and a believable world of demons and elementals, and I'm always striving to improve my work (which includes the art, story, world, the characters, their histories, etc).

I hope you enjoy the story! So far it's been 9 years in the making. ^_^

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The Destroyer
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Comment on 6.56 Hair of The Destroyer
Dumah, 24 Jul 2014 03:54 pm
I hope his goodbyes don't sound like those ones in movies where they're all drawn out and then the guy dies while he's away. Cuz that's not what I was trying to convey, lol. HEY IT'S THE LAST PAGE IN THE CHAPTER, YAAAAAY

Now for some chapter notes:
Lyn'ka literally means "my heart," but figuratively means "my love." It's a term of endearment in Shadesh'meka, basically. And I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it before, but "Lighters" is a slur for "light users."

Also, there were a couple things I cut for the sake of brevity. One, Strelitzia's nicknames; Adak calls her Zia, but for everyone else she wants them to call her Strella. At one point Sam was supposed to call her "Zia" and she corrected him.

Two, Sam's eyes just changed color (again). Strella originally noticed and commented on it, and Sam either excused himself to check the bathroom mirror or made a mental note to check it later. His eyes now change color like other demon's because his magic has been "unlocked" so to speak; his Shapeshifter parent made him "human" so that he would blend into the human world, and had he not been brought to the demon world, he probably would never have found out what he really was. The more he uses his magic, the more his parent's magic will wear off and he'll start looking more like a demon (or whatever he shifts himself to look like).

Three, Adak originally mentioned that two gold would allow him to quit his third job, and Sam felt less angry about the price. In fact, he ends up giving Adak the little purse he made for Kairo in a previous chapter.....which still has seven gold in it.

Hmmmmm, I think that's everything. Oh wait no, there was another character design I worked on-- Sam was supposed to encounter him first, before he talked to Nev, but his presence was unnecessary for that scene. He'll probably show up in the next chapter though.

AAAAAH I just remembered something else that's important that I left out. Adak's two fingers are missing on his right hand because thieves get their fingers removed, and he "stole" Strelitzia from her clan. What really happened was they were messing around in secret, but then she got pregnant, so they decided to get married. In order to keep her from getting kicked out of her clan for marrying a Shadow demon, he "pretended" to steal her, in public, and she "pretended" to fight back (she broke his jaw, btw. It's gotta look real, folks). Anyway, her father demanded Adak's hand for the theft, but they managed to talk him down to just the two fingers.

Also, for the sake of clarification, Adak is 26 years old, Strella is 78, and she has a daughter from a previous marriage (who is older than Adak, looool) and that's partly why he didn't want Zia to get expelled from her clan, because then she couldn't see her first daughter as often.
Comment on 6.55 Doctor of The Destroyer
Dumah, 24 Jul 2014 03:19 pm
Here's the page in color! Man, shading Adak and Strelitzia's skin color took forever. By the time I was done yesterday, I was late getting to bed, so... updating todaaaaay instead :)
Comment on Page 257 of Helix
Dumah, 20 Jul 2014 01:38 pm
"Look, I can write my name!" *carves letters in floor*
Comment on Page 114 of Under the Dead Skies
Dumah, 18 Jul 2014 02:50 pm
I WARNED YOU BOUT STAIRS BRoh you didn't fall down the stairs? 'kay....

Dang I hope the next page isn't all *BAM* *FLASHLIGHT ILLUMINATES GOO ZOMBIE*

...And by "I hope it isn't" I mean "I hope it is and looks awesome"
Comment on 6.55 Ink WIP of The Destroyer
Dumah, 18 Jul 2014 02:44 pm
Soooo, I'ma have to update next week. Sorry, peeps. Here's a preview pic I took using my phone. Looks pretty bad, lol. At least it's legible. I tried really hard to gut the conversation so there'd only be one page left in the chapter, but it just didn't fit. I still have the next page to sketch, but since my car is fixed (my NEW A/C belt busted and my car overheated last weekend >:C Luckily it was an easy AND cheap fix) I can drive to the bookstore and get some quality comic time without distraction!

Vote incentive: My new distractio---I mean, instrument! It's a double ocarina! I haven't had the time to play it much yet, but it sounds much better than the much smaller, cheaper one I got.
Comment on 6.54 Baby of The Destroyer
Dumah, 16 Jul 2014 08:10 pm
@Zoal: Thanks! He'll come back in the story later, so I wanted him to have a look that I liked to draw (I really like drawing dudes with long hair, hehe), and I tried to make him look handsome :D He's probably the youngest adult demon in this story.

I'm still working on the pages, had a couple delays and um also my car broke down so I couldn't get to the bookstore to work on the comic (it's fixed now, no worries). I have one page inked though and I'm gonna try to color it in the morning after work and post it.
Comment on Hereafter - Page 32 of Gloomverse
Dumah, 10 Jul 2014 02:35 pm

That is the best insult and I'm gonna use it the next chance I get.
Comment on Page 255 of Helix
Dumah, 09 Jul 2014 02:44 pm
@Annausagi2: Yeah, it's a silencing technique...

Man I was thinking of Cinderella too! Though I doubt the prince had to look in such an interesting place to find the person the shoe belongs to. Haha :)
Comment on Page 254 of Helix
Dumah, 09 Jul 2014 02:37 pm
@Narkota16: I don't treat them like rapists or murderers. I treat them like strangers. What do you think I do, run screaming from every man I come across? Ha.
Comment on Page 254 of Helix
Dumah, 06 Jul 2014 06:46 pm
@Annausagi2: The dudes who say "NOT ALL MEN ARE LIKE THAT" just make me mad. Of course there are men who won't abuse and/or kill you. But men are the number one cause of death for women; like Schrodinger's rapist, how are we supposed to tell which guys wouldn't do it? I just assume all men ARE like that until they prove otherwise. They may get hurt feels, but I'm probablyyy maybeee less likely to get murdered (....by someone in my friend circle, anyway...).

Hjort needs to paddle his douchecanoe somewhere else, cuz these kids have a big momma bear! You know.....for now.... >_>;;;

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