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I'm a toe-tapping tune-strumming art student who usually goes by AGillyo on other websites.

I sometimes read comics.
@DragonFireflies: Oh my goodness, thank you so much for your comment, it made my night! You bet time flies though; I started it as a (painfully awkward) high schooler myself and actually just graduated college in June. I've learned SO much about making art, storytelling, and life in general since then which makes looking back on it pretty funny (and just a little bit embarrassing), but also sentimental and encouraging! While I'm working on some new projects these days, one of which tackles similar anxiety-related stuff, Moondance will always hold such a special place in my heart... I would love to give it a little revamp at some point, even if as something totally different from what it started as. (On that note, feel free to keep up with some recent stuff at!)

Anyway, I so appreciate you dropping in to comment; most likely due to the influx of time that follows graduation I've been thinking about MD a lot, and honestly the comments you and others left over time (including the one you just left) encouraged me SO much and breathed life into this bizarre concept of a comic. So you stay awesome too, DragonFireflies! <3
@AmyOf Darkness: Ahhhh, thank you for your words, friend! :') Stuff piles up and it's easy for webcomics to slide away in the chaos, as you know... thanks for your support though, I missed ya! <3
So it's been a while.

I've been thinking of what to say here for quite a while, but first things first: I'm sorry. I used to get pretty peeved when webcomic artists just up and left projects without a word, and that's pretty much what I ended up doing. That wasn't the intention; several factors, both personal and busyness/work-related contributed to not updating, as well as a general sense of weariness towards the internet recently. Without droning on, I just wanted to sincerely apologize for that.

As for the status of the comic, I've been continuing drawing it on and off throughout the past year in different formats, nothing too serious (or good, oh man). I'm not going to promise anything at this point; there's an awful lot on the horizon and the last thing I can promise is a consistent update schedule. However, I do think I'd like to finish it eventually... after all, it was my first big project, and it originated from a pretty personal place. Having started it as a horribly embarrassing high school student, I can't read parts of it without cringing, but it's close to my heart, and I kind of don't want to leave it hanging! Like I said though, NO promises at this point (senior year is coming, pray 4 me).

Maybe I'm talking to myself at this point, but for those of y'all who are still around, thanks for reading this silly comic, I'm so grateful for everyone who has commented, asked questions, read silently, or has generally been pleasant towards this strange thing on the internet.

Hey everyone, sorry for the disappearance! The crazy semester has officially ended (probably the most intense one to date) which means Moondance will be back very shortly.

I've actually begun doing pages traditionally (much more comfortable for me!) and for a good few days I thought that I left everything I had done in addition to all my notes/thumbnails for Moondance in a storage unit 12 hours away in Georgia until I realized that I actually did have everything with me yesterday... Wow. In any case, I have a table in the artist alley at the New Jersey Comic and Anime Con with my friend Diana on June 27th and desperately need to get ready, so updates will resume after that in July. On that note, if anyone's planning on going, come say hi! It's a brand new con so I'm not really too sure what to expect myself.

Hope you're all enjoying your week, get pumped for updates in July!
@catfire13: B-a-n-a-n-a-s! (resistance to Gwen Stefani is futile)
Sorry for disappearing for a while everyone, it has been a ludicrous past few weeks for a number of reasons! I'll have more news on that as time progresses (think projects and a CON), but anyway here's a page before I am hurtled back into an endless abyss of projects.

In other news, here's a link to today's guest comic by my wonderful pal Hedi

Thanks so much for reading guys, see you next week! B)
March 26th, 2015
Love seeing new pages, enjoy your Easter break! Lumi's face in the last panel is absolutely priceless, I love it.
@Elizabethxo: Thanks so much for your comment, that's definitely a great quote for the cork board, haha! :)
WHOO WHEE hey guys, sorry for the inactivity! The end of this past semester was... bananas to say the least. In any case, you can check out a select few of the comics I did for a class that devoured my time in all the best ways on my blog ! (tagged intro to SEQA)

Thanks for all your support everyone, see you next week! ;)
HEY GUYS, I just wanted to say how much I seriously appreciated your comments last week and how much they encouraged me; this semester in school I've learned SO much about the comics medium and what I'm capable of doing with it, which both excited me and made me pretty dissatisfied with my past pages here... Instead of throwing in the towel though, I'm pumped to utilize what I've learned and let the comic mature with me :') So THANKS FOR THE ENCOURAGEMENT, I REALLY NEEDED IT! <3

On that note, I have a 5 page full color space comic due in two weeks, and an 8 page anthology piece due a week after that, so if there's no update for a week or two you know why. It's going to be NUTS. I'll be posting all this SEQA stuff on tumblr in a few weeks, so you can all witness what I've been slaving over this semester soon enough. There are many comics on the horizon, trust me.

Have a great week everyone, thanks again!!
What Claude, you don't like Scott McKenzie?

I know that this is in no way reflective of how many readers there are (smackjeeves is just a host site after all) so I don't necessarily mind too much, but we've been losing a few fans as of late which is always a little sad! I've been feeling a bit discouraged about the comic myself lately due to other stress, so I hope it hasn't been showing. On that note, I'd love to hear feedback from you guys, whether that be about update schedules or the comic itself; A friend of mine suggested uploading traditional pages in bulk, which is looking like a pretty great option for the future, we'll see... I just really want to make this comic better!

On another note, I just got an INSTAGRAM a few days ago where I'll be posting very very loose sketchbook pages. If you post art I'll probably follow you back. B)

Thanks for reading! <3
Moondance's 2 year anniversary was on the 7th; wow! Anyway, it's almost Valentines Day and we're starting chapter 5, so here's a new and improved, ever so slightly redesigned Eli in semi-festive attire. I was shooting for a page this week, but as fate would have it I was swept up in a plethora of school assignments. One might say I cracked like Gretchen Wieners, but I've emerged unscathed, feeling like a champion and ready to comic (for 2 days until I am assigned another truckload of projects, what is this semester)

In any case, I just want to thank you all for sticking around for these two crazy years, it means the world! Have a great Valentines Day too; I know I intend on spending mine eating the Spongebob movie-inspired sundaes at the ice cream parlor down the street personally. (I'm exhausted and should not be near a keyboard) Thanks everyone, see you next week!
@The Orange Cow: not when the tip is from... *Jackson*
And there's chapter 4 B)

It might be a challenge to update next week, but I'll try my best despite looking like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off before he falls into the pool at the end of the movie!

Thanks for reading, guys! <3
It's so nice to see a new page, I agree with Mad's previous statement ^
@The Orange Cow: Thank YOU for the comment, I was a little anxious as to how people would take to it; glad to know! :)

In other news, you should all watch the Annie Awards online this Saturday night; some alums from my school have been nominated for best student film, two of which I helped in a small capacities with! "My Big Brother" and "Frogs Legs" are both AWESOME animated shorts with wonderful directors, so totally tune in for that.

Thanks for reading, everyone!
Wow, poor Timmy just can't catch a break today!
First aforementioned B&W sketch page, I made this over a month ago and have since been messing around even more with the sketch process, but here's a little taste of how things will be from now on! (there will still be full color/regularly inked pages from time to time, most likely when I'm not drowning in work :') ) Additionally, I've been learning LOADS in my SEQA class so far, so get ready for some stellar pages.

Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for reading!! <3
Thank you all for reading and commenting, it's so good to be back! :')

On another note, I realized that there were some tumblr character asks I haven't responded to yet, so stay tuned for those too! I'm still recovering from staying up to finish a project this week, so I should probably end this comment before I say something really dumb. THANK YOU AND GOODNIGHT!