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I am the world's most handsome guy and the number one fan of TRTL. Note: I am not really Brad Pitt.
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Yeah, can't see the pic either.
Hehehe. Is that his lola strangling him? Genius.
DUDE! Put a pg 13 rating on this comic.
Alright, this dude has some issues.
His dark side looks like the predator from that aliens vs. predators game.
Cool! I think he's my long lost younger brother. Kaso lang mas pogi ako.
Cool. They're in the philippines. B-U-T, If they're in the philippines, then why are they speaking english? Kidding, the story's great, though you shouldn't update too much.
Brad, Kyle, whatever you do, DON"T LET GO! lol this rocks
WE WANT UPDATES! WE WANT UPDATES! Come on Ravenical, i think it's been two weeks since your last update.
November 23rd, 2005
I think he's just mocking Meng Xiong.

EDIT:And he was going to kiss her in the last one, remember?
November 23rd, 2005
Well, she's not so i agree with paco.
HARRY POTTER ROCKS! My room is covered with HP posters.
November 23rd, 2005
Well, i'm not kidding. *Bows down to Ravenical* Oh great master artist, may i become your slave? lol
November 23rd, 2005
Hey, she's engaged to me. In my dreams, anyway.
I understood most of their conversation, but i'm no expert, il mio amigo. Or something.
Hey, Algeya, here's where i learned most of my english vocabulary: books. Man, you have to see my room. It's a mini-library. Try reading more english books and comics, that's what i did.
Oyer and Doktaluv
You're rolling on the laughingh floor?
November 23rd, 2005
Basura means trash. See what i mean? Ako ay ang pinaka poging lalaki dito.