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Hya, Im Ami and I can't fill this in right now cause Im supposed to be asleep and my typing is loud!

Okay, now Im not "sleeping" anymore. Welcome to my profile and I invite you to read my wonderful-I hope!-webcomic about an idiot cat girl, named Ami. She is like me in that we are both:
*Genius Savants (haha my mom said that to me)
*Ecchi (With out really meaning to's this damn breasty buisness.)
*Yuri lovers (Ahem...Lenny the human pet? Haha We'll get to that.)
*And adorable in our own way :D
So please E-mail me, PM me, comment me, and if you look like Sasuke, kiss me.
Hope to speak with you soon!
P.s.Check out my comic if you havent already!
P.p.s Hya Fransisco! (sp? Lol)
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    Ami Iveson
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xD How udderly adorable. These two characters are bomb and I am faving this! Update soonz!
*becomes Sergio fangirl* xD
so adorable!!!! <3
June 3rd, 2010
Aww she looks so cute with her messed up hair! ^^ Good job with this comic, its adorable!