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Lalala, I'm moving to the account called 'White'.
HAHAHA, love the last expression of you on the last panel xD.

I think it'd be pretty hard to be a senile two-year-old :D.
LOL, that's really scary *is scared of all bump-like things*. But seriously, scary o_o;;;
Yup, and I decided I'll marry him. Aww, and the second panel is so sad c:
Ahaha, you drew that wolf really pro.
Whoa, smart stuff for pre-loading the comic. If I ever tried that, I'd probably just try to submit right on the minute, ahah ...

Very cute.
The women is always manrier in a relationship. That's love <3.
September 26th, 2011
The way you put it sounds so harsh ^^;
September 24th, 2011
YAY (seriously so happy)! Wonderful update c:
Hope you did well in your exams!
September 24th, 2011

(I replied to you on a different account by accident, disregard OTL)
First, there was nothing. And then there was LIGHT! *cough* Had to say that, sorry, haha. Nice comic so far!
Just wondering (not entering the contest or anything), but will you wver post/publish the extra chapter online? Looks interesting from what I can see in the small preview :D!
Good luck with your studying!
I agree, this was really sweet. I especially like the 3rd panel of the previous page.

Very nice comic!
LOLOLOLOL he's going to drink her blood, or at least want to XD

No just kidding, I dunno.
Hahaha, this comic oddly makes me want to play Touhoumon, which I haven't heard of up until now;;;;;

Great so far, I like your sense of humour!
Wonderful comic so far! THe sketch style is somehow really captivating;;;;

Keep it up!
AH, that was really clever :D! Keep up the good work!
LOLOL, laughed at the above comment.

Anyways, it's a wonderful comic so far. Keep up the good work!
February 5th, 2011
@ Guest
Err, yeah, I know, I just meant 'the second panel', as in, the second 'view' that he has of her. Sorry if it was confusing;;;
January 29th, 2011
LOL, I actually think the second panel of her (the one that isn't supposed to be), is really CUTE! Her face is so adorable xD. Great start off for the chapter!