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Lalala, I'm moving to the account called 'White'.
HAHAHA, love the last expression of you on the last panel xD.

I think it'd be pretty hard to be a senile two-year-old :D.
LOL, that's really scary *is scared of all bump-like things*. But seriously, scary o_o;;;
Yup, and I decided I'll marry him. Aww, and the second panel is so sad c:
Ahaha, you drew that wolf really pro.
Whoa, smart stuff for pre-loading the comic. If I ever tried that, I'd probably just try to submit right on the minute, ahah ...

Very cute.
The women is always manrier in a relationship. That's love <3.
September 26th, 2011
The way you put it sounds so harsh ^^;
September 24th, 2011
YAY (seriously so happy)! Wonderful update c:
Hope you did well in your exams!
September 24th, 2011

(I replied to you on a different account by accident, disregard OTL)
Just wondering (not entering the contest or anything), but will you wver post/publish the extra chapter online? Looks interesting from what I can see in the small preview :D!
Good luck with your studying!
I agree, this was really sweet. I especially like the 3rd panel of the previous page.

Very nice comic!
LOLOLOLOL he's going to drink her blood, or at least want to XD

No just kidding, I dunno.
Hahaha, this comic oddly makes me want to play Touhoumon, which I haven't heard of up until now;;;;;

Great so far, I like your sense of humour!
Wonderful comic so far! THe sketch style is somehow really captivating;;;;

Keep it up!
AH, that was really clever :D! Keep up the good work!
LOLOL, laughed at the above comment.

Anyways, it's a wonderful comic so far. Keep up the good work!
February 5th, 2011
@ Guest
Err, yeah, I know, I just meant 'the second panel', as in, the second 'view' that he has of her. Sorry if it was confusing;;;
January 29th, 2011
LOL, I actually think the second panel of her (the one that isn't supposed to be), is really CUTE! Her face is so adorable xD. Great start off for the chapter!
January 2nd, 2011
Meeplover has got a point there/ shot too;;;

Ahaha, I wonder if she realizes that she hired HIM, the bodyguard, the person who is supposed to be strong ... xD.